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Screen Shot Tuesday(?) #128

It’s been a quiet few weeks, but we’ve got some new shots for you. These are the latest renders of our newest character, the Canadian Destroyer. We also want to mention the passing of our studio dog, Clive. Rest in peace, buddy.

Screen Shot Saturday #127

Things may be quiet right now, but that doesn’t mean our developers still aren’t making progress. Our most recent Screen Shot Saturday features some new and improved textures for Scotty Mac and other grapplers.

Screen Shot Saturday #126

Our first Screen Shot Saturday of 2008 is a good one: Crew member Bill has developed a new camera system, which gives a player a better look at the action.

Screen Shot Saturday #125

It’s been a good week at Pro Wrestling X, we’ve been squashing bugs left and right. We’ve posted a sample menu from Uprising, and Dave has uploaded the latest production trailer. Enjoy!

Screen Shot Saturday #124

We took last week off because of all the Telefilm deadlines, but we’ve come back strong. More in-game shots from the latest playable build, featuring some of the new characters.

Screen Shot Saturday #123

Up this week, we have a sneak-peek of G-Rush, the character your input helped create. We’ve also got more shots of Troop and some stills of his signature move (a corner kick/knee strike combo).

Screen Shot Saturday #122

Just a few screens for this week’s Screen Shot Saturday… keep your eyes peeled for a couple of short videos coming up later this week!

Screen Shot "Saturday" #121

Whew, sorry for the late update, I win the Dumbass of the Week Award. I had been waiting for the screen shots to arrive from Dave and the crew for the last few days. For some reason, it didn’t dawn on me to check my inbox… you know, where the screen shots have been delivered for the last 121 weeks. Sigh. Eric = n00b.

Screen Shot Saturday #120

Up this week, we’ve got stills from our latest trailer for Pro Wrestling X: Uprising.

Screen Shot Saturday #119

Up this week, PWX crew member Darrell put the finishing touches on a new character named Troop, and we’ve got two new wrestler t-shirt designs from crew member Tim.

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