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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #884


Two hours I spent on the phone with our lead programmer. I don’t know if anyone in the history of PWX crew members has ever had a more insane combination of talent, creativity, and passion for Pro Wrestling X.

So why am I frustrated? Because this guy is cranking on this massive new update that will finally get us our of Early Access but he’s limited to spare minutes nights and weekends. He’s not a kid living in his mom’s basement. He’s got bills. We’re both chomping at the bit to unleash him full time on Pro Wrestling X development. Just a month or so full time and Pro Wrestling X is 100% running on the latest engine and out of Early Access and in full 1.0 release. He’s willing to leave his demanding day job if we can just keep a roof over his head while he goes hard on Pro Wrestling X. For every problem there is at least one solution…

Happy Birthday WGU!

Legend says, 17 years ago I sent out the very first Wrestling Gamers United newsletter. Thank you to everyone who has supported this crazy dream then, now, and forever 😉

Suda Fire Pro

Holy Shit! Suda 51 is writing DLC for Fire Pro World!

Question of the Week

Does the old TNA Impact and AAA Lucha game for 360 work on the Xbox One? Asking for a friend…

Quote of the Week

“You cannot achieve success without the risk of failure. And I learned a long time ago, you cannot achieve success, if you fear failure. If you’re not afraid to fail, man, you have a chance to succeed. But you’re never gonna get there unless you risk it, all the way. I’ll risk failure. Sometimes, half the fun is failing. Learning from your mistakes, waking up the next morning, and saying ‘Okay. Watch out. Here I come again. A little bit smarter, licking my wounds, and really not looking forward to getting my ass kicked the way I just did yesterday.’ So now, I’m just a little more dangerous.” -Paul Heyman

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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