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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #883

Just. Show. Up.

I’ve heard it said that 99% of success is just showing up. Last Friday I was reminded of how true that was in a way that was so epic it left me speechlessly humbled.

I’ve been putting together the funding to put the crew to work full time and I’ve had a small win or two in that department recently that’s given us some much appreciated momentum. Our artist is now cranking on some new art and animation more than he could before. Next step: put programmer to work full time. So when I found out there was a conference I could attend that would be full of people from the financial industry I signed up. I hate these events. The level of Mad Men wannabe dude-bro douchiness can be nauseating. So on the day of the event I wanted to bail on it so bad but my daughter wanted to go with me so I went. Wrapped around her little finger I tell ya. I showed up.

I was surprised to run into an old work friend. Didn’t expect him there. He asked me if I was attending the business summit the following week and I had no idea what he was talking about. He knew I was fundraising and he told me I should come so I could hear one of the keynote speakers, an angel investor from Vancouver. Huh. Cool, so I signed up super last minute and got the last seat out of 250. Why not hear an investor speak about what kind of companies he’s looking to invest in these days?

Morning of the event comes and again me no wanna go. This one was a full day event and was it going to be worth it to spend all day there just to hear one 45 minute presentation? I went. Meals would be free so I would be saving money by going.

When I got there, to my horror, I learned there was assigned seating to help ‘facilitate networking’. Yay. Forced social interaction. I’m not made for this. But I take my seat at a table with other socially awkward attendees. Pretty long morning but after lunch the guy I came to hear speak took the stage.

And holy shit was I glad to be there. The guy listed 10 things every company must have before he will consider investing…and I had 9 of them easily! I’ll have all 10 in a few weeks. I was so jacked up to line up after his presentation to try and talk with him but of course OF COURSE time ran out before he could get to me and they announced it was time to take our seats again. And OF COURSE they were going to shake things up and assign us to a new table with all new total strangers. But then…then I learned the value of ‘just showing up’ because when I found my new seat out of a possible 250 it was right next to the angel investor…DAMN! I talked his ear off about Pro Wrestling X and the family of long time supporters we’ve attracted. He asked me TONS of really blunt and tough questions and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have actually good answers for him. I told him I was going to be in Vancouver soon. He reached into his pocket and handed me his contact info. “Let me know when you’re in town. I’ll buy you a beer and you can tell me more when you’re ready. This sounds very promising.”

So, the moral of the story? Just show up because maybe a free beer!

Question of the Week

Who do you think is the coolest Pro Wrestling X character? Tirador? Grasshopper? Grimhold?…Quick Dose? Fake Sting?

Quote of the Week

“A powerful reaction one way or the other is infinitely preferable to me than pleasing everybody.” -Anthony Bourdain

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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