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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #881


This fucking week, man. Not just the overall week, but each and every day has been an adventure. Good news, bad news, no news. Over the moon with joy after opening one email and then feeling gutted after opening the next. Paying for poor decisions I made years ago and then getting paid for good decisions I made an equally long time ago. Money flying into the project and right back out again the same day. One minute I’m reacting like a butthurt 12 year old and the next I’m perfectly zen and grateful for all of the valuable lessons life is teaching me.

Like my axe is being sharpened for the next fun battle right around the corner. Good people joining the project. Really good people leaving the project. Bat shit crazy lunatics coming BACK to the project. Finally keeping a lot of embarrassingly late promises so we can move forward. Facing down old fears and chasing down bigger scarier things to overcome. People who deserve a thank you. People who deserve an apology. People I sincerely wish well and some I wish I could send to hell.

Someone complained to me recently that they were bored. I looked at them like a curious little puppy. How the HELL can anyone be bored in this world anymore? I can’t remember what boredom even feels like…for better or for worse.

But at the end of this week I can say that we picked up a better-than-usual amount of new opportunities and chances to prove ourselves. Remember that guy who started with a paperclip and kept trading up until he made his final trade for an entire house? Well, in spite of (or perhaps because of) a beautifully busy week we earned ourselves more than one shiny new paperclip 🙂

New Fire Pro DLC

The new Promoter DLC has just been released for Fire Pro Wrestling World! If you remember the Management of the Ring mode from back in the day then you know what kind of awesomeness this mode can be. Only $20 and you support the Fire Pro team!

Fire Pro DLC

VPW2 Freem Edition

The Japanese only Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 surpasses even the mighty No Mercy in many people’s minds as the greatest AKI wrestling game ever. If you played it then you know why. If you haven’t, today is your lucky day. Because a RICOCKULOUS amount of work has been put into this new updated version that contains a lot of wish list items.

Translated to English, and it magically includes wrestlers from OTHER classic AKI games…it’s mindblowing the love and energy that went into this. Just check out the ‘manual’ link and you will humbled like never before. I just had one of the most draining weeks of my life and now I feel like a lazy asshole. GREAT JOB on this!

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