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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #876

Big Bad Wolf

As a Canadian company doing business in the U.S., whenever I make banking changes that affect revenue we get from the States (such as Steam) I have to file paperwork with the IRS.

Now, I know they have a reputation of being this big, humorless, bureaucracy, but I have seriously had a blast dealing with them today. Sure, the first few minutes were rather formal and off a script, but by the end of the call my lovely IRS agent was telling me how much she appreciated hearing from “you nice Canadians” and laughing at my terrible jokes.

Just treat people how you’d like to be treated and 9 times out of 10 you get treated like a decent human by another decent human. Or maybe I just caught her on a good day and she was drunk.

Sick Like Me

You know what feels good? When I meet new people about Pro Wrestling X and the first thing they mention is the barbed wire Xmas tree we added as a weapon a year ago! Or like when I was sitting in my lawyer’s office last week as he surfed around our Steam page and started laughing out loud at the excessive amount of blood flying from a wrestlers face. Or when I’m demonstrating the real-time physics and after a particularly unbelievable head drop from the cage they laugh and shout “Do that again! Do that again!” and they pull more people into the room to see.

It sure seems like people are tired of the same old same old and respond positively to things they’ve never seen before in a wrestling game. To be fair, I’ve also been told by more than one person that we need to tone it down and that we are risking offending and alienating valuable potential customers. I know what my gut tells me and I don’t want to overthink it, but I’d be curious to hear from you guys and get your honest opinions on the matter.

Has anything violent you’ve ever experienced in Pro Wrestling X ever made you queasy and turned you off? Because I gotta tell ya, the crew and I are plotting a pretty intense course that has more in common with games by Suda51 and Rockstar than those by the makers of Barbie’s Horse Adventures.


They say there’s a fine line between the art of business and the business of art. I feel no shame in admitting we are pursuing some potential partnerships because of the freedom they would give us to financially empower our Pro Wrestling X design goals. I will not, however, give up those design goals and promises to our supporters just to get paid.

A wrestling fed wants to license some of their intellectual property (IP) to us for use in PWX and insist that they retain 100% ownership and control of how their IP is presented in PWX? That’s reasonable, that’s fine with the crew and I. But a wrestling fed thinks that by accepting their money they get to limit our creative freedom? That they then obtain the power to have any say whatsoever in the content of PWX and it’s promotional material?


Imagine being told: “She is willing to participate but her character can never bleed by a male in game.”

“You can use our logo but you can never mention our competitor.”

“The entire game has to be PG rated or below.”

“We get approval over all social media posts.”

Or one of my personal favorites, “Our art team are seasoned professionals and they will oversee your team.”

Hard no.

If I wanted to take orders and be told what do by people less capable of making those decisions than myself purely for the paycheque I would have kept my last job. It’s, “By the Fans, For the Fans” and not, “Because Some Asshole Said So, So I Can Buy a Gold Watch I Don’t Need.”

What’s that old saying? “Drunk with the freedom of nothing to lose”

Standing Alone

Eric the Web Nerd checking in: I’ve always wanted to do a Royal Rumble pool – makes my favorite PPV of the year that much more fun. So this year, I’ve finally gotten off my lazy can and made it happen.

Never done one before? Here’s how it works:

Submit your name via the link below, and we’ll randomly assign you a number 1-30. If the wrestler matching your number wins the men’s Royal Rumble, we’ll hook you up with a copy of the game and/or some other fun prize to be determined. If we get over 30 signups, we’ll spill it over to the women’s Royal Rumble. Doing some math, that means we’ll cut off at the first 60 entries submitted.

Your number will be assigned at 6pm Eastern on Sunday, one hour before the show starts. We’ll post the assignments on Facebook and Twitter.

Be cool and don’t spam the form – one entry per person, y’all. Don’t be a jerk.


Question of the Week

What if you heard a big door in the sky go SLAM?

Quote of the Week

“If I’m a B player, that’s because the “B” stands for badass.” -Chris Jericho

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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