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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #873

Give it Away

Christmas was awesome. I got some seriously thoughtful gifts from my family. After a particularly bloody difference of opinion with Jersey Shore wannabe driver while on my motorcycle one day my daughter gifted me with a new pair of riding gloves with armored knuckles. I was quite calm and reasonable until the guy screamed “faggot old man” at me. So much crying. So much red snot. I’m almost sorry his girlfriend had to see him in that condition 3 seconds later. Almost. Not really. At all actually.

But that’s not important right now. What’s important is that after running what I expected to be a little “ask me anything” contest I ended up giving away $2000 worth of Pro Wrestling X Steam keys and it felt REALLY good! You guys gave me the best present ever and you have no idea. I always said from day one that if I ever won the lottery I would fully fund PWX development and give it away for free. I got a little taste of how that felt this Christmas and so I thank you all for giving that to me. Of course, projects this intense don’t get made with just wishes and good feelings so we have to take a serious look at revenue models going forward. But I gotta say…the more I can just f’n give away the better I feel about this world 🙂

Can’t Stop

I’m gonna totally call out our lead artist and embarrass him right now because I want you all to know what an insanely awesome person and crew member he is. Long story short, but we’ve lined up a little funding to produce more wrestlers and Create-a-Wrestler assets. While I’ve been finalizing the contract I collected the reference material and forwarded it to our lead artist to give him a heads up and help me budget.

I explicitly told him not to worry about getting started on the job until the financing was in the bank. This deal is with people I completely trust and have faith in but I very much don’t want to abuse the good nature of our crew (any more than I already have over the years) and ask them to start work on a contract before the deposit is in the bank. This new situation is a bit weird but I’ll explain it as soon as all parties are ready to announce.

But what I wanted to point out is how this bad-ass lead artist of ours delivered to me today a work in progress of a new wrestler that he did not have to start work on but he did anyway, without getting a dime for it yet, despite have a heavy day job workload, because he has pride in his Pro Wrestling X work and just plain wanted to get started because he loves what he does and he does it better than anyone I know. That kind of shit needs to be recognized. THANK YOU!!!

Question of the Week

Are you a shameless wrestling mark or do you hide your fandom in any way?

Quote of the Week

“You know, you can see on the screen, in No More Heroes you sit on the toilet to save the game – I guess making a game for me is a bit like that. When you take a shit, everything you’ve consumed is all mixed together, there are all sorts of things in that – and that’s the same kind of idea, I think.” -Suda51

This quote is for anyone who wants to call PWX a pile of shit. THANKS!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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