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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #871

FREE PWX copies!

That’s right BABY I am giving away a shit ton of FREE Pro Wrestling X Steam keys for the holidays because I’m just so damn happy to be doing this and having you guys giving us your insanely positive and patient support as we grind away on this labour of love to make the wrestling game world a better place for us all.

Want a free PWX Steam key? All you gotta do is leave a question for me in the comments of the video link down below. I’m going to pick 10 questions to answer in my next video and if I pick yours I will send you not one BUT TWO free copies of PWX.

NO TOPIC is off limits. Ask me anything…literally. Except how to consistently please a woman because that shit is still a mystery to me.

Looking forward to your questions! THANK YOU!

Crew Update

As we head into the holidays know that the PWX crew is cranking on development all the way through. I had a great talk with our lead programmer and he’s looking forward to his day job slowing down so he can focus on this next update for you. Our lead artist has been going back and forth with me almost daily planning the continuing CAW parts development and he’s got a solid list of stuff that he’ll be working on for a while.

A lot of that work has to do with a deal we hammered out to get more art done for PWX that I’m looking forward to telling you more about when we’re closer to leaving Early Access. Good times!

Question of the Week

Got any wrestling related plans for the holidays? Any wrestling games on your wish list or attending any cool live events?

Quote of the Week

“If you don’t have enemies, it means you haven’t stood your ground. Find something worth fighting for and piss people off for not backing down.” -anon

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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