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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #867

Hot for Teacher

Sometimes it nothing less that absolutely creepy the way things work out. I am completely humbled at the way events and circumstances come together over time to turn what I might initially think is a total disaster into something more perfectly executed in our favor than I could have ever imagined.

Case in point: The PWX engine upgrade required a major new feature to be added to the game that we have never developed before. In order for a lot of our future plans to come to fruition we needed to integrate a lot of new stuff under the hood to make sure the game’s foundation will support everything we want to do going forward. It would take an estimated 4-6 months for us to build this feature. Fuck. We can’t afford to put a programmer to work on a feature we can’t immediately use for six months.

Six months ago our lead programmer to a day job offer. Very busy gig. Cut into his PWX time in a huge way. But he’s just finishing up that contract and guess what his role ultimately ended up being? He was in charge of building the architecture for another game that ended up being IDENTICAL to the feature we need for PWX. So at the end of the day, our lead programmer got paid by someone else to learn how to build a critical part of the new Pro Wrestling X. Crisis averted 😉

Love Walks In

AKI! I can only hope that 20 years from now the Pro Wrestling X crew gets even a fraction of the love and respect that the AKI team still gets to this day. Check out the cool ways people are keeping the AKI love alive!

AKI Shirts and merch! One of each for me, please!

AKI Evolution: The infamous YUUUUGE AKI mod project continues to roll forward despite how insanely complicated and time consuming the project continues to be. LOVE this mod crew and I know they’ll get the respect they deserve once this mod drops. Check out the most recent update video:

NEW VPW2 Screens! After all these years fans are STILL digging up pics of early AKI builds that were never released. What stage is this?!

I can’t thank the AKI community enough for the time, love, and support they still give to the AKI team and its history making games. Supporters like you are why developers do what they do. Once the money is gone, all they have is the knowledge that they made a difference in your lives and brought you joy and good memories. How awesome is that?

Question of the Week

WWE is an empire and what do all empires throughout history have in common? All empires fall. There will be a day in the future when WWE as we know it no longer exists. Could be 100, 50, 20, or even just 10 years from now. In your opinion, when will WWE fold and what will it take to end its reign?

Quote of the Week

“If you want to make something happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN!” – Chris Jericho

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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