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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #866

The Hammerlock

I dunno, man. We’ve been talking about whether or not to include the old Hammerlock Gym in the next update. Old time supporters of Pro Wrestling X remember the Hammerlock Gym as the cool playable venue with the balcony you could fight on and leap from. Made for some pretty killer Moonsaults from the balcony railing into the ring! Thing is, the art assets for the Hammerlock are pretty dated looking. That’s OK I guess if we’re just presenting this as a sort of bonus venue easter egg thing. But just because we CAN include it doesn’t mean we should.

Aside from the dated art, there is also the issue of a few design flaws. For example, there isn’t enough room on the floor between the ring and the staircase to do some grapple moves, so collision glitches are all but guaranteed to happen. Same issue with the balcony itself. Sure, it’s fun to run up there and scrap with a few basic strikes and slams but as soon as you bust out a big move people start falling through walls and railing.

I totally see the original Hammerlock’s value as a piece of playable wrestling game history but I’d really prefer that it get a total overhaul and upgrade first. Proper room to fight all around, breakable railing, doors that open and lead somewhere new(!!), breakable windows, etc. But now we’re talking about a monster task for our already stretched thin lead artist. Maybe offer it as free DLC so it’s available for those who want it but it doesn’t sit in the core game itself alongside the newer and way cooler venues?

I’d love to hear what you guys would do if you were in our position. Who wants to put on their Senior Producer hat and offer some sage advice to the crew and I?

Retro Rasslin’

I spent almost two hours talking with a long-time developer acquaintance of mine a few days ago about a project he’s been developing in relative stealth mode for nearly a year already. We’re under a mutual non-disclosure agreement so I can’t go into much detail but I’m so excited about what he’s doing and I just have to share whatever info I can with you so you can keep an eye out for it.

I can start by saying that if you dropped a lot of quarters into a certain arcade wrestling game wayyyyy back in the day then you’re going to be very happy when you see what this developer is gonna drop on us all. It will be a spiritual successor to some classic arcade action in style and feel AND they’ve gone so far as to bring back some of the actual stars that appeared in the first iteration.

As wrestling gamers we all know from experience that there has been no shortage of upstart indie wrestling games that never get anywhere (insert self deprecating joke here) but this project is legit. They have a real budget, real financing, and a real team of developers cranking on it. PC? Mobile? Console? Might be YES YES YES but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m cheering hard for this team and I’ll be posting as much news and support as I can. Welcome to the jungle, guys!!

Twitch Replay

Check this week’s Twitch replay as Eric talks development news while crippling people in cage matches. Always a good time!

Eric edit: if you watch nothing else, check out this 1:00 clip. Poltergeist!

Question of the Week

I’m a huge Becky Lynch fan. Do you see her in the title picture this time next year or do you fear WWE creative drops the ball on this amazing talent?

Quote of the Week

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” -Frederick Douglass

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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