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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #862

High Spots

Well, this week was a complete and utter shit show for getting much done. Lead programmers day job is crushing him, lead artist…actually he continues to kick ass, and I had a nice combination of anniversaries to celebrate (29 years and she’s STILL with me!), man colds to fight, and a series of what proved to be not the most productive meetings. Actually, I did have a killer Monday evening giving a really fun interview for an upcoming classic gamers podcast and I did make some legit progress on co-promotion deal with a great wrestling fed. So…not the worst week?

420 Splash

I assure you that my lack of any amazing progress to report this week has nothing to do with the recent legalization of cannabis here in Canada. Never been my vice of choice. But can I just say how incredibly AWESOME it is to live in a country that finally grew up and realized it was time to stop wasting valuable time, money, and resources punishing people for a personal choice to enjoy a stupid plant? To borrow a phrase, “Canadaaa FUCK YEAH!”

Dave’s Not Here Man

I suck. I’ve been talking about doing a video update for the last few weeks and have yet to deliver. If it’s any consolation, I’ve been actually making an effort to put together something that doesn’t look and sound like complete ass. Can’t promise it won’t look and sound like a little ass but I am working on it. I need a video capture solution that doesn’t automatically cut my frame rate in half…

Question of the Week

I’ll be in Calgary again soon and I realized that I’ve never actually had my picture taken outside the infamous Hart House. As a wrestling fan, how much effort do you put in visiting points of wrestling interest when you travel? When in Calgary would you visit the Hart House? Tokyo Dome in Tokyo? ECW arena in Philly?

Quote of the Week

“I said I would and I did” – Becky Lynch

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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