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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #854

L.O.V.E. Machine

Our lead programmer tells me that he expects the next update to be the feature complete finished engine upgrade we’ve been working so hard towards for months now. Keeping my fingers crossed! This will be the single biggest and most important release in the history of Pro Wrestling X.

I can’t begin to impress on you just how much work the crew has put into this build. In fact, I’ve been working with our accountant on auditing our asset list for tax purposes (game development is fun!) and it was a huge eye opener when we determined that if we had to start over and pay industry standard rates to create this version of PWX all over from scratch it would cost well over $600,000. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this crew?!


Do you like to wear and collect pins? If so, you’ll think the WCW/NWO Revenge N64 cartridge pin for sale on this site is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. Until you see the Starman pin…

Fire Pro Bombed?

According to this site, sales for the new Fire Pro game fell to just over 3,000 units in its second week. As an indie developer, I’d be thrilled with those numbers. But Fire Pro is not an indie game and then there’s the whole New Japan Pro Wrestling license to factor into those numbers. So…are these numbers something to be happy about or something to be concerned about?

Question of the Week

So…based on those sales numbers do think Fire Pro World is the last Fire Pro game for a while?

Quote of the Week

“The only people that tell you that you can’t do something are the ones that have failed.” – Paul Stanley

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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