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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #853

Next Four

August can be fucking annoying. I have more time to work on PWX but a lot of people I need to work with seem to take a big chunk of the month off. I’ve been dying to get the company newly incorporated but when my lawyer is available to work on it my accountant is on vacation and vice versa. DOH! So many opportunities to take advantage of once that item is checked off the list and I can’t wait.

The next four months are shaping up to be pretty awesome, though! Got myself a big-ass check list with “Finish Engine Upgrade and get out of Early Access” at the top of the list underlined and bold.

Before I forget, HUGE thank you to Cody from WGN radio who rang me up for a 60 minute interview this week. We talked brutally honestly about PWX past, present, and future. I’ll let you know as soon as the interview is up online!

All In Smashing Pumpkins

Huh. Interesting brand new little video I just stumbled on. All about All In, NWA, and how Smashing Pumpkins are somehow apart of this story:

Question of the Week

A gun is held to your head and you are forced to pick just ONE regular wrestling show to watch for the rest of the year. Which would you pick? RAW? Impact? Lucha Underground? NXT? Something else?

Quote of the Week

“It’s good to know who hates you, and it’s good to be hated by the right people.” — Johnny Cash

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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