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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #851

Mac Version Live

Shhhhh this is kind of a test. We want you all to know about it but we also want to roll this out slowly in case (as is often the case) something is borked. Eric worked hard and rumor has it the Mac version of PWX is now available on our Steam page. If you have a Mac and have been waiting to take PWX for spin please do!

Our limited Mac testing pool tells us this build performs just fine but if any of our awesome Mac using supporters decide to take this Steam build for a test and report your experience back to us that would be GREAT! And remember, 100% money back guarantee if for any reason PWX does not work on your particular Mac. Fingers crossed, this would be a wicked milestone for us!

Day Of Reckoning 2 BETA!

…DAMN! Check out this video of an early Day of Reckoning 2 Beta someone posted recently!

Question of the Week

Who’s interested in or actually going to the ALL IN wrestling event in Chicago? Did you manage to get a ticket before they sold out in UNDER 30 MINUTES?!

Quote of the Week

“Make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.” – Neil Gaiman

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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