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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #718


As promised, the recent update released just a few days ago now includes irish whipping into the corner as well as the ropes. No corner grapples just yet (planned next) but you can strike a corner idle opponent with either a weak punch to the head or a strong dropkick which results in a new heavy selling animation as well. It all looks very very nice. Can’t thank Robert and Kola enough!

Field of View

We wanted to add more options to the screenshot tool as well so this week Robert added in a nice Field of View adjustment that lets you frame up your shots even quicker. And already developed but not in time for the last update is an even sexier Depth of Field adjustment that give you control over the amount of focus given to objects in background and foreground. It adds a super cool touch of realism to screenshots now, making this tool even more fun to use and the results even better.

Stage Modding

Robert added some placeholder models and textures for what will become the entrance stage and ramp for our standard arena level. I like how it already starts out with an old school Raw is War or Nitro feel to it. There are a few textures used for banners and curtain that have also been left open for you to mod just like the wrestler, ring, and sign textures.

You can find it all in the usual Streaming Assets directory. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Hell, all we need is maybe an entrance taunt or two animated and we could even begin scripting entrances, complete with ‘tron videos. Getting there!

Dynamite Kid

I’m not 100% sure about the validity of the source, but if this news report is to be believed then Dynamite Kid is in some pretty rough shape. He reportedly suffered a stroke recently and isn’t physically recovering well at all. Fucking hell man, another legend gives his body to the business and in the end is left broke and alone.

I know life is complicated and it isn’t as simple as blaming any one person or industry. It just doesn’t seem fair. Forgettable politicians can get indefinite retirement funds and health coverage for serving as little as one term and here are our heroes who gave us so much for years, sometimes decades, struggling at the end when they should be most comforted, secure, and cared for. Such a bummer:

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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