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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #717


Kola and Alex have added a smooth looking Irish Whip to the next update and I can’t thank them enough. Definitely not a sexy fun thing to animate and it’s a pretty intricate motion to get looking right. It nicely targets the ropes in any direction and Kola has already gone ahead and submitted animations need to whip your opponent into the corner, have him slump in idle, sell a punch and dropkick, and he’s about to animate a grapple loop and the promised front corner grapple move for the Kickstarter 1.0 as well. We’re on fire! Add to that the beginning of our stage model and entrance ramp (NJPW-style baby!) and this next update will not let anyone down. Wonderfully productive week. Thank you for your patient support!

Springboard Surprise

PWX programmer, Robert, is awesome. Like he hasn’t proven it already multiple times over, this week he did it again by finding a way to add more moves and depth to PWX core gameplay without requiring additional animation content. In this case, he took an already awesome Moonsault animation of Kola’s and rigged it up to be used as a springboard attack, thereby adding a great looking new Lionsault to our next update.

This is a really smart way to develop a wrestling game like PWX because it makes use of one time consuming animation to produce multiple moves. How much you wanna bet that as soon as we have wrestlers leaving the ring Robert will give us a springboard Moonsault to the floor without needing anything additional from Kola? Oh yeah, baby. Loving how this is going!

Angry Nerd

The Angry Video Game Nerd says what we’ve all always thought about that damn box art for Pro Wrestling on the Sega Master System:

ICW Game Announced

Another indie wrestling game has announced it is in development! Based on the popular ICW group out of Scotland, you may remember me promoting their Netflix documentary in a previous newsletter. Not much is known about the project or the apparent developer (Maveric Media) but their Facebook page mentions a love of No Mercy and distribution deals already in place for Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

The game’s website includes links to their social media pages and a teaser trailer with a promising look at the art style of the game. Gameplay footage is said to be in the works and coming shortly. Best of luck to them! Aren’t they in the same neighborhood as the 5 Star Wrestling guys?! INVASION!!!!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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