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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #714

Blood! Steel!

While Robert works on integrating Kola’s sick new Moonsault animation and adding flying attacks to the next update (in between 12 hour shifts at his day job, HE’S HARDCORE!), Kola got cracking on another one of our Kickstarter stretch goals, the classic “Old Blue” WWF steel cage! We’ll likely introduce a steel cage just like any other feature in that we’ll start with a small amount of functionality and then add freedom and features as play testing indicates. So at first the cage might simply enclose the ring as a barrier and then subsequent updates will add climbing, head bashing, door mechanics, etc.

Cage Talk

Speaking of cage match mechanics, please feel free to check out our latest Twitch in case you missed it. You get to watch Kola model the cage while all sorts of cage match goodies are discussed.


Following the addition of flying moves, we’ve gotta attack the massive game loop of irish whip->corner idle->corner grapple->corner grapple move. This is no small amount of work for Kola and with the holiday season coming up we gotta keep expectations reasonable in terms of how much glorious animation one man can push out.

I know he’ll kill it, but there is a lot of animation and even a little R&D to do here and it needs to be given the time it needs to turn out well. The good news? This is the last monster chain of mechanics to get us to 1.0 and after this it’s pretty small chunks of development (weapons, etc.) to get us over the finish line.

Fire Pro Returns…Returns

A little birdie told me that a certain developer is in talks to bring a proper 2D style follow up to Fire Pro Returns across whatever the hell the next Nintendo platform is going to be. Word on the street is that Nintendo is working on some kind of console/mobile hybrid machine(s) and that Fire Pro will return to its roots, leaving that 3D Xbox 360 abomination behind. Thank god.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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