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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #712

It’s Positive

Ladies and gentlemen, the steady stream of strong updates and positive reviews since programmer, Robert, came aboard a few months ago has finally helped Pro Wrestling X recover from its embarrassing post-launch no-update debacle almost a year ago. I am tearfully proud and thrilled to announce that Steam reviews for Pro Wrestling X on Early Access are now once AGAIN (drum roll please!!) MOSTLY POSITIVE!!


And THANK YOU to each and every supporter in the Pro Wrestling X family for making this dream a reality one baby step at a time!!


Kola posted a work-in-progress of the upcoming moonsault animation for us this morning. If all goes well with coding (and there is no reason to think otherwise) we’ll be able to use this one animation for attacks to standing and lying opponents in the ring, out on the floor, from Andre’s shoulders, from the Cage of Death, etc. The Uprising “engine” didn’t support anything like this and we needed a separate Elbow Drop (for example) animated for every possible height it might have been used from. Not anymore!

Facebook REALLY doesn’t want me to link directly to the video so you’ll wanna swing by our Facebook page and scroll down a wee bit to see the video in the news feed:

Twitch Video Link

In case you missed it, wonderful Twitch broadcast last Tuesday night with myself, Eric, and Robert The Programinator where we answered questions about mod support, new flying moves, AJ Styles in PWX, Bernie Sanders, etc.

Sweep The Leg!

Just a few days left now. Monday morning at 10:15 am I’m scheduled for my first ever (and very likely not my last) full knee replacement surgery. I had my anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction almost 20 years ago (MMA injury…true story) and since that repair began failing a few years ago the only remaining option for me was the full joint replacement. No more Cyst Stratus!

They just wanted to make me wait for as long as possible before getting it because even the full joint replacement is said to last no more than 10-20 years and you can only get it done twice. Apparently. I tried waiting, but this last year has been a nightmare of canes, crutches, wheelchairs, and horrifying medication side effects.

I’ve put my family through hell with this seemingly never ending cycle of pain, uselessness, and losing myself. I deteriorated quickly. Just two years ago I competed in a 100 mile bike race for charity. This past summer I couldn’t even pedal a bike. My knee joint is bone-on-bone. No cartilage. Sharp slivers of broken bone are floating in what little space there is. Thank you sir may I have another!

They say 3-5 days recovery and I can come…home. We’ll see. All I know is I’m loading up my phone with movies, wrestling, and good books. Any recommendations? Perfect time for a Star Wars festival. Maybe Californication? Jericho’s latest book?

Wish me luck! I’ll miss this coming up Twitch but I should be back in time for next week’s newsletter 🙂

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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