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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #710

My Wife

The reason the newsletter is early on Facebook this week is the same reason Pro Wrestling X didn’t roll up and die (literally) eight years ago AS WELL AS the first topic of this week’s newsletter: my wife.

This Friday marks 26 years since the most bad-ass and beautiful girl in my hometown told me we were now going out after an intense 3 day redneck romance. How I seduced her with my dad’s rusty pick-up truck and manly guitar teaching job I still don’t know. I do know that I am the luckiest man alive to have her on my side as we barrel through this adventure of life. Not a day goes by that I don’t remind myself to be the best man I can be because she deserves nothing less. So, this Friday, I’m spending it with my baby 100% and giving her the attention she deserves.

For those of you new to the project, my wife is the reason it still exists. She has always been my beautiful backbone and there has been more than one occasion where Pro Wrestling X faced the axe and she told me in no uncertain terms to “turn around and get your ass back in there and DO NOT take ‘no’ for an answer!” She single handedly saved studio funding back in the Vancouver studio days.

When times were tough she would work extra night shifts (as an ER nurse) saving lives and wiping elderly asses so we could pay the crew. She has always been the best judge of character and could point out a bad hire in a heartbeat. To this day she works harder than anyone I know (now as an Intensive Care Nurse) so I can stay home and chase my dreams working on Pro Wrestling X which has rarely paid me to do so.

So this Friday, if you find yourself booting up PWX and enjoying yourself, raise a glass for one of the hardest working unsung heroes of Pro Wrestling X, my beautiful baby Belle, Kimberly Leigh Wishnowski.

Secret Twitch!

Sheesh…Twitch Gong Show this past week! Nobody seemed to be getting email or messages from anyone else so while Eric and I assumed Kola was unavailable and we wouldn’t be broadcasting, Kola was over there doing a solo Twitch wondering where Eric and I were! DOH! He ended up doing a TWO HOUR solo Twitch showing a bunch of gameplay, new art, and answering lots of great questions. If you missed it like I did (DAMMIT!) you can watch the replay at the link below:

Mod Guides

Since we started baby steps mod support with the most recent update we are already starting to see mod guides being posted by the Pro Wrestling X community. First, gotta thank Robert and Kola for all of the new stuff in this recent update (SUPLEX CITY!) and Eric for getting the update live in the middle of a day job death march. The community is doing a great job of uncovering all of those “fun” little texture bugs that need fixing.

If you wanna jump in and start making your own crowd signs, ring canvas, etc. you can start with our guide section.

Thank you to Zeron for posting the world’s first Pro Wrestling X mod guide there. WOOHOOO!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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