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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #615


Hey guys! Everyone doing well? Finally off school or at least taking some time off from work? Personally, I’m taking Christmas Eve off (it’s mah birfday) and Christmas day. For one thing, I’ve got a backlog of games to get through. My favorite part of this new console generation launch is that damn near every game in my 360 backlog will be on sale for $10 or less in the next few months.

Once i’m done finally done playing through franchises like Bioshock I can then finally pick up a PS3 for $99 and get around to playing Last of Us and all of those Uncharted and Metalstorm games. By the time I’m ready for an Xbox One or PS4 they’ll be on to their second slimmer iteration with less bugs and lower price tag. Yay for David!

Our lead animator, Alex, is working hard over the holidays. He’s been going back and reanimating even the simplest little animations, and it’s making a BIG difference. Hell, he’s even taken into account the Uprising criticism that the idle animations were too subtle. Now, you can really see the characters breathing noticeably but naturally in all idle positions. They no longer look static.

He’s been working together with our lead programmer to make sure all animations (so far at least) are exporting at the proper orientation and frame count. When it doesn’t work, it could be a HUGE problem solved only by replacing the entire complex rig. Or, as is the case lately, it could just be an innocuous unchecked dialogue box in an export menu… somewhere. But we (Alex and Will) always find the errors. WAHOOOOZLE!!!

Kill Will Hunting

While Alex has all the 3D artist sexy party time fun, our lead programmer, Will, is killing it with the combat system tools and event driven effects. Now, when I say effects I don’t mean the green Vulcan blood that spurts from G-Rush’s throat after a broken hockey stick attack. Nope, I’m talking about game mechanic effects like proper wrestling chains, combos, and the physics of an actual wrestling ring. It’s crazy good stuff he’s digging up and implementing for us. Can’t wait to share!!!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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