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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #613

Steam Closes In

Well, you guys helped give us a nice surprise on our Steam Greenlight campaign this week. Usually, in between rounds of approvals we shoot up a few percentage points. Then, over the course of a few weeks we tend to drop a percentage point every day or so. I was extremely happy to see us holding our ranking at about 86% towards the Top 100 list. I expected us to drop to about 80% by now.

Instead, we moved up. You guys have been spreading the word and we shot up and not just a little bit up. We are now sitting at a very impressive 98%! Thanks to your generous help Pro Wrestling X is gaining momentum and is poised to reach one of the biggest, craziest, most mind bending milestones we could ever hope for. Pro Wrestling X WILL be the first wrestling game on Steam. THANK YOU!

PWX Artist Ripped off by WWE

I don’t know if Jesse Justice should laugh or scream. You all know that Jesse was responsible for some of the best art in Uprising. Everybody loved his character menu art of each character in the game. The good folks who made the recent WWE 2K14 must like Jesse’s work, too, because they used it in their game without paying Jesse or even asking for his permission. Nice, eh?


What kind of CAW will the next Pro Wrestling X have? Don’t know yet. I asked our crew to please research and be super duper SUPER sure that we don’t make promises we can’t keep when it comes to CAW features. I want you all to know that programmers and artists are working together see what we can do for you guys. They’ve been doing a lot of digging and asking a lot of questions.

Our programmer in particular, has been poking the brains of other developers experienced with character creators. It’s really encouraging to see our crew care about giving you guys the CAW feature Pro Wrestling X deserves. It’s in good hands.

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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