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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #612


Hey everybody! Might be a short newsletter this week. I’m tired as hell after a pretty great week. Just waiting on a crew Skype meeting to get started, and after it’s finished I’ll probably drag my ass to bed and try for a good night’s sleep.

I’ve just been so excited about Pro Wrestling X, and I can’t turn my brain off at night. I know, I know, after all these years it’s almost sad to still get excited about our little wrestling game. But it’s all starting to come together, y’know?

Our new programmer has already showed us stuff that no wrestling game has ever done before and our other recently endeavored programmer said couldn’t be done. Even though we promise to keep Pro Wrestling X development focused on core gameplay before getting too stupid with new features and match types, we can’t promise we won’t get just a little bit stupid. Our lead programmer is helping us bring back some fun game mechanics not seen since Dreamcast imports and match types not seen since…ever.

Our new 3D artist is wrecking my marriage because he’s made Tirador look so good that my wife may be developing a crush on him.

In fact, take a look at the most recent incarnation of American Grasshopper (click the pic above to see a much bigger shot). I would proudly hang this new Pro Wrestling X art on my wall. Hell, I’d wear it on my skin…

PWX Tattoo

…in fact, I love the refreshed Pro Wrestling X logo so much (you’ll see it soon) that I promise to get it tattooed on my arm if we meet our Kickstarter goal. Not a tiny girly one, either. It’s dead sexy, so I wanna be able to see it from across the room at my Backstage Assault Anonymous meetings.


You guys responded really well to questions we asked in recent newsletters. So what do you say we bring back the Question of the Week? For starters, what do you think about WWE 2K14? Going in the right direction? Or are you feeling bored?

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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XPainMaster says:

however, I think taht WWE 2k14 is bad, it has nothing really innovative, practically is equal to WWE13 and is full of DLC that you must pay separately (I find horrible having to pay separately wrestlers that should be included in the game disc).
I hope WWE 2k15 correct their mistakes, and most importantly that would be finally an innovative game thanks to the transition to the next gen.