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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #611

Aww Shoot

Sorry for the late newsletter this week. [Made even later by yours truly, Eric the Delinquent Web Guy.] It’s just been a slog over here keeping campaigns organized (retooling STEAM Greenlight, too) and keeping the crew and I focused. Everybody is chomping on the bit to do the fun stuff but there is sooooo much organization and continuous planning that we need keep on top of.

Naturally, I get to do the fun stuff! I recently did a fun new audio interview with Patrick over at

I talk about some fun new things like finally paying tribute to Giant Gram 2000 and introducing real-time move modifiers in the new Pro Wrestling X. A new in game screenshot is also posted with the article and people have already pointed out the the shoulders look gimpy. We noticed that too, and we’re in the middle of redoing style specific idle animations for the next game. Here is what Tirador and Grasshopper’s new “shoot style” idle looks like:

I hope you agree that the new models and lighting are a quantum leap ahead of Uprising. Everything about this new game is!

I’ve been so excited lately I haven’t been sleeping much at all. Thank you to everyone for sticking spreading the word as we prepare to properly kill this next exciting phase in PRO WRESTLING X!

Now I’m going to be a big baby and go to bed before 10pm on a Saturday. CHEERS!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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