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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #610


Hey guys! Things are rockin’ over here in Pro Wrestling X land as we prep for our Kickstarter and plan for the design of the next game. I’ve been getting fantastic feedback from people on Facebook this week with regard to some fun questions I’ve been asking. For those of you just on the email list I’ll reprint them here. Feel free to email me your responses or hop over to Facebook to join the public discussion there:

After core gameplay, the single most important feature to have in a wrestling game is:

  1. Online multiplayer
  2. Cages and hardcore match types
  3. Create-a-wrestler and edit options
  4. Lots of tag team and battle royale options
  5. Story mode
  6. Something I missed?

I need your feedback on this, so THANK YOU!!

When we ran our last Kickstarter, were you guys motivated by the limited early bird discounts or were you like, meh?

So, I’m on a mission to find cool indie wrestlers who might give a crap about our little indie wrestling game succeeding. Any ideas?

Wondering how much Iron Sheik would charge to appear in Kickstarter video (probably the only way we’ll ever get Kotaku coverage)…

UPDATE – I’m happy to report that we’ve already been in touch this week with Colt and Sheik about advertising and promoting the Kickstarter. Might not come cheap, but I think there is room for wisely spending some cash on promo. It was our biggest hurdle last time just getting the word out. Still, Iron Sheik cutting a promo on PWX will be my mark out moment of the year if we can make it happen.

The Secret

So we’ve learned a lot about pitch videos, having done a few different ones now for both Kickstarter and Greenlight. Our new video will be less fathead Dave and more gameplay footage. But one thing I really wanted to show people was the crazy stuff we could do if funding exceeded our goal. It’s one thing to show what we’ve got working already. Guys like me will love to see even just Tirador walking around a ring looking good in engine. This is all about the foundation for potential.

But where could we go and what could we do once core gameplay is a done deal? So I’ve kind of had a thing for this one match type that I’ve never seen in a wrestling game. To some it’s dumb, to others it’s a classic and needs to happen. We’ve already got the props and game models we need to do this match type (and they look TIGHT!), so I’m going to show it in the pitch video. A little something stupid and fun to look forward to. Worthy of a Cornette face.

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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Article Comments

Dan says:

On importance of Features I would say Create a player and Story mode an open story mode that can be played for years like Here Comes the Pain are Vital to replayability.

Things like Battle Royals and tags are important for number of characters on screen seems like the more guys you can have on screen the better and then you can hopefully always add bells and whistles like cage matches and weapons later on.

Online isin’t particularly important to me personally in part because wrestling doesn’t translate that well as a shoot just look at all the people complaining about the people not playing “properly” on WWE 14.

For your advertising this may not help you at all but as a shot in the dark you might do well to contact guys who are known gamers and see if they have any interest. I know Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, a bunch of the TNA guys were rumoured to be big gamers. You could always send them an email on their websites telling them a little bit about the game and if they show interest maybe there’s an opportunity there.