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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #609

Kickstarter 2.0!

We’re getting back in the ring and taking another shot at Kickstarter! This time we’re gonna kill it and you’ll have a new game to play in a few mere months because we’ve already done so much research and development on our own dime.

A little background. We ran a Kickstarter campaign last year looking for $75k to get a next gen Pro Wrestling X game to you. We came up short, with pledges totaling about $22k. However, we have since released Uprising and used the sales revenue from that to get us started. You’ve already seen some of the awesome work our new core crew has done. Now, Uprising sales have slowed to a trickle, not enough to keep a programmer and 3D artist working even part time. Thing is, if we had a little chunk of cash we could get a playable version of the next AWESOME Pro wrestling X to you in a few months. I just need to take these guys away from their day jobs for a few months and have them slam away on Pro Wrestling X.

How much do we need? A lot less than last time because we’ve already done a lot of heavy lifting. We’re looking at somewhere between just $6k and $8k to git ‘er done and get you playing matches. With ALL new graphics and animations.

The plan is to get this first version of the game to you guys as quickly as possible and keep building it out from there. What if we raise over $20k again? We’ll add features! More content! More match types! No matter how much we raise there is a TON of awesome ideas we have to add to the game if pledges exceed our initial goal. Hell, once we’ve shipped this game we’ll use it’s sales revenue to just keep building the Pro Wrestling X platform out bigger and bigger.

But our initial goal for this new Kickstarter is just to get you a tight first version of the next PWX that you can rip apart and mod wayyyy more than you could with Uprising and much more mod friendly.

So excited!!

But we need your input and advice please! What rewards did you like from our previous campaign and what new reward ideas do you have for us? We’re drafting the campaign now and we’ll pull the trigger on it as soon as it’s ready but not before we feel it’s just right.

Thank you for believing in us!!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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