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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #608

Alpha Design

Aaaand of course my workstation died this week. Good thing we’ve got a pre-alpha version of the next Pro Wrestling X that even runs on my super slow old laptop. Still, grrrrrrr why do things have to die at the worst possible time? Maybe it’s to force me to focus my work on the text docs and spreadsheets that are needed before we develop much further. With our lead 3D artist already animating new grapple moves I have to make sure we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves and have a plan in place first.

One of the things I’m doing is picking the moves for the first alpha release. This is an area I have come to learn I made some classic mistakes with in previous incarnations of PWX. I never gave much care before to what position a wrestler ended up in after a move. This cost me dearly in both time, money, and stress. Face up, face down, holding head, holding back, sitting, hands and knees, kneeling, etc. All of these ending positions exponentially increase the size of the animation tree and the work needed to bring all of the required animations together.

Not this time. This time we’ll be developing in a very logical order with the goal being to get things done faster and more efficiently with less time and stress between release builds. Wish me luck!

Botchamania Book

The minds behind Botchamania have launched a new Kickstarter to raise funds for a huuuuuge pro wrestling book. They’ve even been kind enough to invite me to discuss Pro Wrestling X for the book should it reach its funding goal. Please have a look and support them if you can:

AKI History

The writer behind the Botchamania book has earned a special place in my heart after I stumbled across what may be the definitive history of the great AKI wrestling games. You gotta check this out. How did I miss it?!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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