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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #607

Tree of WOAH!

Two-hour crew meeting last night. You know you have something special and the right people for the job when they show up barely paid or not at all on a late weeknight to help draw up the battle plan. It can be frustrating, so much talking, when all I want to see is new things going into the latest build.

But when you’re talking about building the core engine of what will be Pro Wrestling X for the foreseeable future, you’re gonna have to think ahead, wayyyy ahead. So not only are we talking about how many move slots we’ll possibly need for the usual standing grapples (32?), but what about the Tree-of-Woe? What about seated opponents?

Hell, will common move set ups (suplex, powerbomb, etc.) ever be their own grapple loop ala King of Colosseum? Heck, since our position has climbed on Steam Greenlight what about those awesome Steam Achievements or that sexy new Steam controller?

We’ve been really trying to break development up into roughly week-long mini milestones and cycles. And one of the things we’re a doing much better than last time is working towards a closed game loop as quickly as possible. Meaning, I want to be able to boot up the game, walk over to my opponent, punch him, maybe slam him, pin him, GAME OVER, return to menu.

And from that tiny working game loop we build it out bigger and bigger until we have a match as deep as we want it. The upside to a working loop? We can give you guys alpha access to test much much earlier. With Uprising, the development plan was based on inefficient old thinking. We didn’t have a working game loop until a few weeks before shipping and, well, you played the result.

Axe Bomber

Media coverage of wrestling games, especially indie developers, has always been scarce. Sure, there are a few legit notable champions in the mainstream press (Patrick Hickey Jr. comes to mind) but brave souls dedicated to exclusively covering wrestling games with the same level of respect major outlets reserve for EA or Rockstar have been few and far between.

So when Fire Pro community veteran, Sonnybone, opened up Axe Bomber in 2011, a site that reported with love and respect all things rasslin’ be it AAA or XBLA, it was a welcome beacon for anyone who ever popped for their first CRITICAL or ran from a Special. Getting Pro Wrestling X featured on Axe Bomber and especially being interviewed by someone like Sonny felt like the project had arrived. My heart beat proudly right up there with our coverage on IGN and the cover of Tips and Tricks Magazine.

I was sad to hear lately that Sonny had decided to start the retirement process of Axe Bomber. It will be missed and I hope we see a Superman comeback, perhaps when Sonny announces his own indie wrestling game? If I may speak for all of us other indie wrestling game developer nerds, thank you, Sonny. In a community and industry that already marginalizes us wrestling nerds plenty, you made us feel appreciated. Like what we are doing matters, like it’s important to somebody. Thank you!

This is a Tribute

Check out the pic attached to this newsletter. Crew hate it when I post raw pics from the alpha build, but I just had to post this one. Can any fans of the original old AKI wrestling games guess why I marked out over this simple screenshot? Love it!


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In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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