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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #563

Up this week: Launch Report; Mod Support; Hero List; THQ Bankrupt

Launch Report

Thank you! The launch of Uprising v0.1 has put a smile on my face. It was so nerve wracking, especially dealing with the erroneous “this game took ten years to develop” perception. Much to our collective relief, Uprising has been met with a LOT of very positive reaction. People who are looking for it can see the potential, they approve of the general feel, and they want us to push on forward, which we will!

Of course, it’s pretty obvious where the game needs improvements and additions but I really get the sense that people see where we are capable of taking this.

It has been an incredibly tense past few years. The entire programming of the game was done by just one awesome guy who had to spend an entire year experimenting with the art and animations before he could even begin putting the game together. All while being a full-time parent. What you are playing when you play Uprising is a technical miracle. I’m so proud of Dan.

And now, God forbid anything ever happened and we lost the entire game source code and art, I know Dan could rebuild it again to the point it is now in maybe 2-4 months. That’s a testament to just how much collective experience and knowledge has been gained.

I’ve done a lot of scary things in the name of Pro Wrestling X but releasing Uprising v0.1 instead of Uprising 1.0 was the scariest. There were some things I wish I did better in terms of the launch. I made some obvious mistakes. But at the end of the day I believe I did my best to be positive AND honest about what Uprising v0.1 is before it was launched.

Some people thought that showing so many videos of things “broken” in Uprising was a dumb thing to do. Some thought maybe I was too apologetic for the current state of the game and failed to focus enough on what there is to be happy about. But I gotta think the results speak for themselves. Only one refund request. One. That’s a huge win for an indie developer’s first game! I am so proud of Uprising and of everyone who contributed to its release. We did a thing!

So, I continue to be massively grateful to everyone who grabbed a copy of Uprising and especially to those who helped point out new glitches, and those who made wonderful feature and update requests. Thank you!

The official Uprising site with more info and download links (thanks to Eric for the wicked job he did on it!) is here:

Mod Support

One of things I think surprised us most was how early the Uprising modding started as well as how GOOD you guys are at it! Initially, we have player textures and the ring mat available for modding. Dan had asked me months ago if I wanted to allow access to even more textures and I said, “Nah, I doubt people will want to mess around with much more than that.” I was wrong!

You guys are particularly asking for more ring access to things like apron, ropes, etc. I’ll add those requests to the potential update list. I’m so happy to see you guys making cool new art for the game! SQUEEEEEL!!

You can see what other people are up to on our new support forum.

And you can witness how Sonnybone is already well on his way to Lex Luger Wrestling X.

Hero List

Please remember that if you ever pre-ordered or donated money to us in the past, Uprising is on the house! If you haven’t done so already, just fill out this quick and easy form and you’ll be placed next in line for a coupon code that will be emailed to you. We’re managing all of this manually so we do appreciate your patience as we copy and paste our way to you!

THQ Bankrupt

This is so uncanny. We finally release a game after ten years of trying, and the next day THQ files for bankruptcy?!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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