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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #562

Up this week: Quick Note; Play Uprising; Early Feedback; System Requirements

Quick Note

[Quick note from Eric the Web Guy: this newsletter is chock full of good news, and given the events in CT on Friday, it just didn’t seem right to whoop it up. So we decided to wait until today to send the newsletter. Thanks for understanding.]

Play Uprising!

YEEEHAWWWW!!!! People are playing Uprising! This week we started slowly distributing the current version of Uprising to people who pre ordered it way back in the day. I can’t tell you how monumental this milestone is. Feels like… I don’t know. Blissfully nervous relief.

So, since our Kickstarter didn’t reach it’s goal and SO MANY people have graciously asked us if they could still pledge and get Uprising with rewards we’re going to go to Plan B:

Accept your generous pledges and actually give you Uprising immediately.

We’d love for you to play it, kick the tires, and tell us exactly which FREE updates you’d like us to offer first. So many people supported us on Kickstarter and after the campaign ended they were like, “Dude! I still want to pledge a little something and help you out!” And I was all like, “Dude! Thank you! This time we’ll give you instant access to Uprising in return!”

We don’t need to raise an entire year’s worth of funding in advance. Would have been nice! But we are super happy and confident to offer the Minecraft way of funding development. Give you something to play immediately and keep earning new support as we go.

We’ll still be offering rewards and goodies (including giving you a roster spot!), and we’ll be offering a few discounts to you awesome people, too.

Eric is working like a dog to get everything ready for everyone as soon as possible. Stay tuned to our website and all of our glorious social media accounts for news on the exact moment this new campaign and Uprising access goes live. And most of all, THANK YOU for always wishing us well in our future endeavors 😉

In the meantime, feel free to check out these recent videos that show you exactly what work needs to be done and exactly what state Uprising is currently in.

Early Feedback

Early feedback from people trying out Uprising has been extremely helpful. We’ve already discovered solutions to early issues like screen resolution settings, DirectX updates, etc. So far the general consensus seems to be exactly what we were hoping for and expecting: Uprising is a very promising start, it needs new art and animations to fix the clunky stuff, please keep going!

In fact, I have to share my absolute favorite bit of feedback with you. Made my day:

“Playing it for 15 mins so far and it’s certainly something to be excited about. It actually FEELS like aki’s engine. As you said, it’s just a matter of fine tuning and building on top of the foundation. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the game!”

System Requirements

Here’s the system requirements for Uprising in case you were wondering before you grabbed it:

Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows XP
1.4+ GHZ Single Core Processor
512 MB RAM
Graphics:Shader Model 2.0 compatible
DirectX 9.0c
100 MB HD space
USB controller support (including XBox 360)

Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows XP
2.0 GHZ Dual Core Processor
Shader Model 3.0 compatible
DirectX 9.0c
100 MB HD space
USB controller support (including XBox 360)

Stay tuned you guys! Gonna be another wicked chapter in Pro Wrestling X history! THANK YOU!!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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Article Comments

Navindra Bassit says:

Hello Dave,

I enjoyed playing the Uprising Beta. It definitely brings back alot of memories of the old AKI game engine. Great Job Dave.

I have a question for you. Will you give us the option to remap the controller scheme on the Xbox 360 controller. I would rather use the D-Pad for movement instead of the analog stick (this can be used for taunts instead).

Thank You Dave,
Navindra Bassit aka. Road Warrior Ace

Cronge says:

Finally! Been waiting for this since 2007 when I had my first job and my first credit card and was actually able to pre-order the game. Can’t wait to finally try it out. Just wanted to ask a silly question, though – you wouldn’t leave me out of this, would you? And what is the way for me to get this game? A link through the e-mail? Or some other? On another topic, great news and congratulations!