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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #561

End of Days

Here we are! The very last day of our Kickstarter. How do I feel? Tired. Happy. Stronger.

Yup, it’ll take a miracle to reach our goal today. And true to my nature I refuse to rule such a miracle out until the clock hits zero. I’ll be here all day spreading the word, thanking supporters, and giving every last ounce of myself to this effort. Is there any other way? Do, or do not, eh Yoda?

So I’m not going to talk right now about what happens if we don’t make our goal, except to say that we will still be here pushing right along stronger than we were before the Kickstarter. We have made a lot of new friends and wonderful supporters. We finally reached out and connected with new people who dig what we’re doing. And above all, this has shown us that to this day there remains an army of incredible people behind us, and you have helped us even more than we could have ever hoped.

We’re not entirely sure what we did to deserve such support. Not fishing for compliments, honest! We’re not sure how exactly why ANYONE would give us a dollar or more given our long history of setbacks and roadblocks. Maybe the fact that despite such events we keep plugging away to keep a promise is why? I don’t know. And I certainly don’t know how things like our $500 and $1000 rewards tiers sold out. Blows my mind.

One thing I do know for sure. When this Kickstarter ends this evening I’m going to turn off the computer. I’m going to go to my wife, tell her I love her, and thank every God in heaven that I have her. I put her through a lot with Pro Wrestling X and this isn’t what she signed up for. She deserves better than me but I’ll spend the rest of my days on earth trying to be half the man that a woman like her deserves.

And on that note…KICKSTARTER!!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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AlexKola says:

Always an inspiring read. Thanks Dave.