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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #560

Hail Mary!

Wow! What a crazy ride this Kickstarter campaign has been! We’ve raised over $16,000 and that is awesome! With a week yet to go, we know that we gotta go for it and hold nothing back if we’re going to reach the wider audience that we need to reach.

It’s just a numbers game and we need more numbers. We need more people to hear about us and the work we’re doing. So we have a three-pronged attack planned for the final “Hail Mary” week:

  1. More videos showing the personal story behind Pro Wrestling X. Why hold back?
  2. More videos showing the game we currently have in action.
  3. Talk to people. One-on-one. Break through the noise.

I know how it looks when you do the math. We’re going to need something very amazing to happen here. And to those people proclaiming “You’re screwed. You won’t make it”, well, I feel a little sorry for you.

Because unlike the rest of us who have been following the story of Pro Wrestling X, maybe you have never experienced what happens when you take a big risk and work hard against the odds. We’ve had big wins in the past when things looked a hell of a lot worse than they do now. Things look comparatively beautiful right now!

So please stay tuned. Gonna be a fun week. Every day will be an adventure. And no matter what that final Kickstarter number says, when the clock hits zero I guaran-damn-tee you that Pro Wrestling X and everyone involved will be in a far better position than we were a month ago.


p.s. Please don’t forget, Kickstarter takes ZERO money from you when you make your pledge. It’s a totally risk-free thing. Not a single dollar changes hands unless the full amount is raised. THANK YOU!

p.p.s Have you seen the new Kickstarter video on the main page? Eric added in a bunch of new footage that I’m sure I will one day regret filming 😉

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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Article Comments

Vince Aftermath says:

Awesome, I’m glad you restored my confidence because I was getting worried you guys wouldn’t keep going. I’m very excited!