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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #859

Sick of You

When you’ve been working hard on something for as long as Pro Wrestling X has been in development it’s only natural to get a little (or a LOT) impatient. Now imagine you had gambled thousands of dollars as a private investor on day one and still hadn’t seen a return on your investment? You’d be damn good and ready to put a hit out on your’s truly and I wouldn’t blame you. I’ll try to keep this story short…

In the last few months we’ve been planning our escape from Early Access and doing everything properly. That means getting the crew to work full time and finding a way to pay for it. So I’ve invested in a lot of things to prepare for our future while avoiding the mistakes of our long, long, past. One of those things was the creation of a new parent company to better run things legally and financially. I’ll be announcing details of that move next week. I’m also putting together a formal advisory board to help better inform me for the important decisions I already have to make.

But the biggest pleasant surprise to me has been the gracious attitude of those original investors and mentors from the old days. Original investors that never got rich should have insisted I step down. Instead, they all WITHOUT exception wanted to participate in the new company and still leave my reckless dumb ass in charge! Very smart and experienced mentors whose advice I often previously ignored ALL accepted my invitation to sit on the new advisory board. Am I being Punked?!?

You know, there is never a shortage of people who laugh at you, think you suck, and never pass up an opportunity to remind you of your mistakes. But when I step back and look what kind of people are in that group, and then compare them to the kind of people who support Pro Wrestling X and believe we can succeed….well, I’m very pleased with which people are in which group. Thank you to EVERYONE who believes in Pro Wrestling X and trusts me to keep pushing this boulder up this very steep hill. YOU people are GOOD people 🙂

Bring Back the Bomb

I read that the developers of the new Fire Pro Wrestling World game have stated officially that Fire Pro will never add match types like the much requested War Games or anything more ultra-violent that they’ve already had for years. I’m not criticizing them for this as a developer. I get it. A lot of those match types would be deceptively complicated to produce and they aren’t exactly rolling in WWE levels of budget money. But that’s just it. Why pass up an opportunity to give fans something the WWE literally CANNOT give us for various reasons?!

Unless WWE brings back a War Games PPV they will also likely never add the match type to future WWE games. So wouldn’t it be worth it for Fire Pro to be the ONLY major wrestling game to offer this? Same with the hardcore stuff. As long as WWE is a PG product why NOT add more hardcore matches to your game to even further differentiate it in the minds of the fans?

I cringe a little when I see actual wrestlers taking life threatening risks in hardcore matches. So I don’t watch a ton of it. But as a game developer looking to get noticed in a very noisy marketplace? You bet your ass that bodies will be flying through the air from C4 explosive death matches in PWX as soon as possible!


I don’t usually promote too many non-wrestling games but I’m really excited about this upcoming fighting game and wanted to share it with you. Are you a Street Fighter fan? Then I think you’ll probably be super into Fighting Layer EX coming to console AND Steam! How can you NOT want a game with a character named Skull-o-Mania?!

Question of the Week

Making some much needed improvements to the Pro Wrestling X website. Do you even visit the websites of games you like or are interested in? Don’t we all just check out a game’s social media and store pages these days? And if you do visit a game’s website…why? What are you looking to find there?

Quote of the Week

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.” – Mae West

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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