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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #857

Good Morning/Black Friday

Great f’n morning! Spent over an hour on Skype with our lead programmer, Robert, and heard nothing but good news. Yeah, his day job might be slowly killing him, but he still finds time to crank on the massive Pro Wrestling X engine update for yooz guys. All of the game is now ported over with the exception of the Hello In A Cello and Scaffold matches. Once those are complete we’ll get this baby into your loving arms. Can’t wait!

Sweating Bullets

I can’t help but get nervous whenever I see a new Pro Wrestling X user review posted. While they are generally positive every once in a while you get those guys who obviously somehow missed that the game is in Early Access and incomplete. So you can imagine how encouraging and inspiring the crew and I all felt when we read this recent little review from new customer, Jonathan:

“I have spent several years now debating on whether to buy this game. I finally took the plunge last week. I have to say that other than a few bugs I encountered and a few other things that don’t quite break gameplay for me this is THE wrestling game to play. 2K took all the fun out of the game by trying to make it a simulation. It’s wrestling. Wrestling is all about taking risks for very little reward. Pleasing the crowd with death defying stunts. You can do some of them in this game. The moveset is a bit limited but it is still in Early Access. I highly recommend this game.”

A Tout Le Monde

I’ve been posting a lot of attempts at humorous crowd signs and parodies lately and I’ve noticed that you guys happily like and share shit if it makes you laugh. Problem is, humor can be hard and I don’t come up with a lot of truly hilarious stuff too easily. You guys wanna help out and get rewarded? I know from reading your posts and ESPECIALLY from your caption contest comments that you guys can be brutally funny!

So I invite all of you to pretty please submit your ideas for funny crowd signs, screenshot captions, etc. and if I decide to use any of your stuff you will get not one but TWO 100% free Steam keys for Pro Wrestling X to use/share/sell/flush however you like. No rules or limitations on language or content with the exception of anything racist or otherwise douche-like. THANK YOU! Can’t wait to feel the milk rocketing from my nostrils 🙂

Question of the Week

Time to get Angry Again at Starman for nailing you with that f’n flip kick of his! The original NES Pro Wrestling was recently announced as returning to the Switch. Are you gonna get it? Fond memories or is that going wayyyyy too far back for some of you youngins’?

Quote of the Week

My Last Words for this week:

“The most effective way to do it – is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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