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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #843

Weapon Interaction

Ok, so our programmer did indeed deliver a new build last week and there is a lot to see and test! The frame rate STILL refuses to budge and is rockin’ along at a solid 60 fps even with all of the stage and level assets thrown in. We stopped just shy of throwing in the fully animated crowd with this build as there is still plenty to test in terms of core gameplay before the crowd becomes a priority again. But so far…so good!

I did, however, notice something new and just a little bit sneaky from our programmer. I was walking around the ring and noticed that there was now collision detection on the weapons when they were just lying in the ring. But only sometimes. Sometimes I could walk right through a kendo stick and sometimes the kendo stick would stop me. Hmmmmm. Why would that be?

Our lead programmer laughed maniacally when I asked him and would only hint that he was “working on something” for the final build. My guess? I think he’s setting up new grapple/interaction states with weapons in mind. DDT onto a chair? Something like that? Stay tuned 🙂

Special Sunday Gong Show

Eric the Web Nerd checking in: since I was lame and had to bail on the Twitch Gong Show Thursday night, I’ll fire up the most recent build and take it for a spin on Sunday night at 7pm Eastern. (Of course, knowing me, that might change, but that’s the story right now.)

Keep an eye on the latest and greatest on Facebook, Twitter and our DISCOrd channel:

(Who knows, we might even have ourselves a DISCOrd PARTY Sunday night. We did this a couple of weeks ago on Discord – fired up a music bot, played tunes and chatted about the game. It was WONDERFUL!)


We get a lot of compliments on the blood in Pro Wrestling X and I’ve been asked if the appearance of blood will change at all once we leave Early Access. I can honestly say that there are no plans to make any blood changes. No plan to dial it back or “tone down” the blood at all.

Remember, Pro Wrestling X will NEVER be a PG rated game. Does that mean that our mischievous lead programmer and artist team won’t have any hardcore surprises in store for us at all? I wouldn’t bet against that either. They like to surprise me and I DEFINITELY like to surprise YOU in return!

Question of the Week

Trick question, perhaps? If Pro Wrestling X were to have only ONE type of multiplayer in the future and we had to choose between either LOCAL multiplayer or ONLINE multiplayer, which option would you choose and why? THANK YOU for your answer and helpful insight!

Quote of the Week

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” -Bruce Lee

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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