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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #842

Upgrade Finalizing

If you’ve been hanging out with Eric on recent Twitch broadcasts you’ve seen the progress we’ve been making with the Super Mega Big Ass Engine Upgrade. It’s been a pretty long grind for our one and only (but AWESOME) programmer and every update he’s sent us has been one epic leap forward after another. Not to get everyone’s hopes up, but I always do my best to keep you guys just as informed as I am. That means that I’m going to tell you what our programmer told me and you can sit and wait just as anxiously as I am!

Programmer: “I plan to have the engine upgrade done by June 1st”

…stay tuned!!

Eric the Web Nerd checking in: “…Aaaaand this is why it sucks to send a late newsletter. I can report we *do* have a new build in hand, I’ll try to show it off on Thursday’s Gong Show.

New Japan Mobile

Remember that New Japan game that was kinda sorta announced a few months ago when they put out a call for developers? Hate to be a buzz kill, but I’ve heard from two different sources that it’s going to be a micro-transaction pay-to-win trading card game. I really REALLY want to be wrong this time.

Question of the Week

If we could bring back just one wrestling character from the entire history of wrestling games to make a cameo in Pro Wrestling X which wrestler would you choose?

Quote of the Week

“Making a film is like raising a child. You cannot raise a child to be liked by everyone. You raise a child to excel, and you teach the child to be true to his own nature. There will be people who’ll dislike your child because he or she is who they are, and there will be people who’ll love your child immensely for the very same reason.” – Guillermo del Toro

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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