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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #833


Happy Anniversary, Pro Wrestling X believers! 16 years ago this week I announced on a GameFaqs message board for WMX8 that I was going to make us all the sequel to No Mercy that we all felt so damn entitled to. 16 years!! I wouldn’t take a single day back.

Despite all of my bad decisions, cocky (often broken) promises, and spectacular fail after fail after brutally embarrassing public fail, they all helped to lead us to where we are here today. Sitting with the strongest and most productive crew that PWX has ever had in it’s long long history. A current version of PWX on Steam that is already so much more advanced than I ever would have dared dream back in the day.

And most amazing of all? We have a solid group of supporters like YOU who continue to have our backs and get just as excited as we do over every incremental and hard fought step towards the dream of what Pro Wrestling can be.

It’s been a long time. Most people, understandably so, would become quite bitter, angry, and resentful if it took them this long to get ‘only’ this far chasing any big dream. I get it. My hope is for all of you, from believer to non-believer, is that you get to experience even one tenth of the joys, friendships, and adventures that Pro Wrestling X has brought to me.

This is the strongest position PWX has EVER been in with regard to the passion and quality of it’s crew, it’s art, it’s code, and it’s family of supporters. And we have so so much more we want to do and F’N WILL DO!

And to think it all started with this obnoxiously optimistic little website just 16 short little years ago. ‘Memba this?

Video Proof

If I had to pick my biggest regrettable mistakes from the last 16 years one of them would surely be my refusal to release any of the early demos and prototypes. That first chunk of PWX history could have been even more positive and productive if I only let you guys all get your hands on what we were developing instead of insisting stubbornly that I didn’t want to release anything until it was the greatest wrestling game ever. Whoops!

So to try and make amends for that we celebrated on Twitch last night by streaming some of the earliest and never-before-seen versions of Pro Wrestling X from as far back as 2005! Crazy, beautifully broken, but lovingly created bits of wrestling game history was finally dusted off for you all to see. We actually went over THREE HOURS pulling all of these old versions out and telling the wicked stories behind them so we are likely breaking this broadcast replay into smaller 45 minute clips. Please sit back and enjoy some laughs, history, and stories at the link below 🙂

Eric the Web Nerd: I’m working on the highlights, stay tuned to our YouTube page. In the meantime, here’s the full broadcast:

PWX Book Release

May 31 the book Minds Behind the Games will be released! I know I will love this book. Not just because the it features brand new exclusive interviews with developers behind such classics as Mortal Kombat, Deus Ex, Doom, and NBA Jam, but because there happens to be a very special chapter on a little game project you might have heard of…Pro Wrestling X!

The author, Patrick Hickey Jr., spent a lot of time asking me some of the most revealing and hard-to-answer questions I’ve ever encountered and the result sounds like and epic truth bomb about all things PWX. I gotta assume the rest of the games featured (Road Rash, Wasteland, E.T., etc.) are going to give us all some damn cool reading. Please check it out and pick it up when you can!

Quote of the Week

“Fine! I WILL!” – Dave Wishnowski’s reply when taunted on a GameFaqs forum 16 years ago, “If you think you can make a better wrestling game, asshole, why don’t you do it yourself?!”

Question of the Week

If we could zip up all of the ancient old PWX demos and prototypes from 2005 onwards and make them available would you be interested in checking them out? Even the goofy broken ones and even though we can’t offer any kind of real technical support for them anymore? Let us know!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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