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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #832

Bloody Hell

Eric the Web Nerd checking in. This is actually last week’s newsletter, and I’m a dope. Got a tad obsessed with last night’s epic Gong Show 100, and I straight up forgot to send this email. I will punish myself with a binge watch of Total Divas.

Fun Money

Score! We just found out today that we made the first round of cuts for an experimental coding grant! It’s not a ton of money (upwards of $20k) but the neat thing about it is that the money can ONLY be used to fund experimental new features. If we get/take the funding it actually forces us to think outside the box and give you guys something never done before. How cool is that?!

Liger Bomb

Remember how I recently said that we wanted to free up time for our lead artist to work on mainly the cool wrestling moves? I think this is a very wise path that we must follow because then we get awesome shit like this new LIGEROOOOO BOMBAHHHHHHHHH!!

AKI Gossip

Oh man I completed part one of an exclusive new interview just the other day and got the inside scoop on what REALLY happened at THQ following the Wrestlemania X8 release. 90 minutes of interview recorded and I’m sure we probably have another 90 to go. I think you’ll dig FINALLY hearing from someone who was there as it all went down.

The story has all of the elements you’d expect from something like The Wolf of Wall Street, not a little wrestling game! Huge money payoffs, security guard escorts off the property, great stuff! Can’t wait to share it!

Quote of the Week

“You can either spend your life making your dreams come true or you can get a job making someone else’s dream come true.” – Anonymous

Question of the Week

New moves, new engine upgrade, now we need a new trailer. Can you help give us some inspiration and share a link to your favorite wrestling game trailer? Thank you!!

We’ve come a LONG way from this…

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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