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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #829

48 Hours

Wish us luck! In particular our lead programmer. He’s now tasked with the process of porting each individual art asset along with his new code to our upgraded engine. So far he’s experienced no major problems or setbacks. But we’re upgrading our entire animation rendering engine which, in my experience, is never something that goes 100% smoothly.

We’ve got good reason for leaving our old animation rendering behind. The new system will give us much more powerful control over the way animations are triggered, sequenced, and blended. So this will go a long way to improving and out-right solving issues like input responsiveness and especially the ‘jerky’ looking animation transitions you see sometimes from one move to the next. Better control over blending our animations is something that our lead animator has been requesting for a long time now. He’s been dying to crank out more requested moves and animations and I’m hoping that the upgrade results will inspire him to give up completely on the concept of sleep to animate for PWX every spare minute he has 🙂

Cross your fingers, because if all goes well with this upgrade we’ll be getting a serious frame rate improvement and overall performance boost as well.

How much longer will this upgrade take? Our lead programmer estimates that he will need at LEAST 48 hours for porting and testing animation files alone. And that’s just getting them working. Our lead animator will then want to get his hands on everything so he can test and set all new blend points for every animation as well. Good thing we love this shit, eh?

RumbleFest Released!

The highly anticipated retro love letter, RumbleFest, has been released! Sort of! Only on some platforms and only in a few territories and still apparently in “early access” but if you live in the U.S. or Norway (at the time of this writing) you can download the game for iOs and Android NOW NOW NOW! Big huge congrats to developer Robot_gif for shipping their beautiful creation. Some developers seemingly take FOREVER to release anything and it can be SO FRUSTRATING 😉

AKI/THQ Interview

No promises, but it looks like I’ll be scoring a MAJOR interview with someone who was a part of the THQ/AKI development team during the golden age of Revenge/No Mercy/Smackdown games and even into the pivotal WMX8 Gamecube release. I’m no professional interviewer and I’d hate to miss out asking any important questions. Because this will be such an informative and fun thing for any wrestling gamer I’d love to hear any question ideas you might have.

What would you ask someone who has backstage experience with AKI/THQ/Yukes? Thanks in advance for any questions you can throw at me!

Mac Version

For what seems like the millionth time we’re trying to get the Mac version of PWX up onto Steam. Again. The Mac version is running well by all tester accounts. It just doesn’t seem to want to survive the upload to Steam without corrupting. Eric is on it! I’ll keep you posted. Rest assured there will be a YUUUGE announcement on social media when Pro Wrestling X FINALLY comes to Mac.

Quote of the Week

“Stu Hart trained all of his kids. But only three of them use the litter box” – Bobby Heenan

Question of the Week

A friend and I were discussing our favorite wrestling books of all time and I learned about a few cool ones that I didn’t even know existed. What about you? What is you all time favorite book about pro wrestling?

Mine is Heath McCoy’s incredible read about the history and insanity of Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling:

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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