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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #828

New Update LIVE!

YEAH! The most recent update from a few weeks ago is now officially out of our beta channel and into the main release section on Steam. We just did a little housekeeping first (typo fixing, replace placeholder art, etc.) but the new ‘Championship Edition’ should update automatically for ya when you login to Steam to play the game. Here are the little things done since last update:

Play it here!

Twitch Replay

Check out the very newest update in Eric’s Twitch replay from the other night!

Quote of the Week

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” – Stephen McCranie

Question of the Week

Can I send you $100? Because I want to send you $100. If you can wear your Pro Wrestling X t-shirt to an upcoming taping of Lucha Underground Season 4(!!!) and are clearly seen on camera I will send you $100.

Also, please, please take a deep breath and be good to each other out there. We love you guys.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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