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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #827

9 Minutes

THANK YOU so much to everyone who’s been taking time to point out things that need fixing and improving in the latest “Championship Edition” of Pro Wrestling X on Steam. We’ve been resisting the temptation to succumb to feature creep and build new features so the bigger the pile of bug reports we have to keep our attention the better. And some of the things you guys are uncovering are so weird and obscure that there is NO WAY we would have stumbled on them ourselves.

For example, thanks to a PWX supporter named Jordon we know there is a glitch that only happens in Championship mode unless the match goes over exactly 9 minutes. How would we have ever replicated this never mind even finding it in the first place? THANK YOU, Jordon, and all of the PWX army of supporters who are helping us do what we love to do!

Liger Bomb!

The second priority right now after bug fixing and polishing is to buff out the content for the features we already have working. With Create-a-Wrestler working it needs more content to justify it’s inclusion. So, on top of the art assets I mentioned last week we’ve also been looking into adding more cool animations. HOWEVER, we’ve been making sure to make the best use of what we already have in order to speed development up wherever possible. In this case, since we already had a powerbomb animated our lead animator decided to take advantage of having the powerbomb ‘setup’ already done and he ended up animating a new Liger Bomb in half the time it would have taken if he had to start from scratch. Score!

If you’d like to see how the Liger Bomb already looks in progress please add Pro Wrestling X on Snapchat. That’s where I’ll be posting a lot more of the behind the scenes video stuff as it happens. You don’t have to wait to see the finished product 🙂

Wrestling Figures

Check out this Kickstarter! Wrestling Figure Retrospective. If you love wrestling figures anywhere nearly as much as you obviously love wrestling video games then I think you’ll want to support this project. What figure do you still wish you had from your childhood?

Angry Players

We are so lucky to have a community of positive, patient, and supportive people like you. Because the following “satire” about game developers and their angry hateful communities is a little too close to real life for a lot of developers:

Quote of the Week

I made a dozen games behind closed doors,
before I made a dozen games that were publicly ridiculed,
before I made a dozen games that did a million downloads.

– MDickie

Question of the Week

What is the oldest wrestling game that you own a physical copy of? Bonus points if you post a pic including original packaging. We’ll pick a response at random to send a FREE Pro Wrestling X Steam Key to ya! Thanks for sharing!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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