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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #826


How about that Royal Rumble? *SPOILERS!* I still love Kane but those tights were kinda goofy. Great seeing Hurricane and Rey in a WWE ring again! And Lita, Molly, Stratus, and Phoenix, too? POP! Nothing against personalities like Lesnar and Rousey, but I’m way more interested in cheering for my hard working favorites like Asuka, Nia, AJ, and Shinsuke. Just me?

As for glorious PWX development it’s all about getting out of Early Access next and, just as critical, making final delivery of all Kickstarter rewards. I want to thank all of the Kickstarter backers who took the time to get in touch and make sure we had everyone’s current shipping address on hand. Especially thankful to those who politely pointed out that we missed them when handing out the free Steam keys to those backers entitled to them. I can’t believe we STILL had backers patiently waiting for their keys all this time! You guys had every reason to feel neglected and angry but each and every one of you who contacted me were super polite and understanding about the mix up. THANK YOU for being cool about it!

The physical rewards are all shaping up to look VERY nice and Eric is hard at work on the super special collectors box some of you are getting as well. The one logistical tricky part is going to be getting all of the rewards from all of the different vendors together to be shipped at one time from one place. We have to do the shipping math but because I also want to include a personal thank you from myself with each reward package we might have all vendors ship to me in Canada to be packed up and forwarded to backers or it might be more efficient to instead have vendors all ship to Eric in the U.S. and forward to backers from there.

Our lead artist gave us a nice update on the work he’s doing to get us out of Early Access. He’s cranking out more content to not only give the core gameplay a respectable amount of move variety but he’s also been adding new art assets to buff out the CAW content. And in the name of efficiency he’s almost completed a reboot of a classic PWX Uprising character with new art assets that can be re-purposed as killer CAW content as well. I forwarded a progress pic of the character with new art assets to the original PWX artist, Jesse Justice, and he gave it a very positive thumbs up. Can’t wait to show y’all!

Things are progressing nicely behind the scenes as well. I actually started scoping out locations to open up a physical studio space again. Found some nice spaces that I could easily imagine us moving into later this year 🙂

One thing we have to really think hard about, though, to achieve our goal of leaving Early Access is exactly which animations need to be added to the game next. If you have a minute, I’d like to ask for your advice about that in the Question of the Week section down below…

Wrestling RPG

I have neither the patience nor the attention span to really enjoy an RPG style game. But I wish I did because this World Wide Wrestling RPG looks like something I could really appreciate. Fan of the genre? Check this out! Actual user review, “…made by a fan, for fans…” Sound familiar? Cool!

Double Turn

Another fun looking indie wrestling game is coming soon to Steam Early Access and they have a trailer up for your viewing pleasure…

Lucha Pinball!

You likey the pinball games on your phone? Then you might find some good times with this Lucha Libre themed pinball game for IOS and Android called Masks of Glory by developer Color Monkey. Search your app store for it or scroll down this web page a bit for more info:

Quote of the Week

I often get asked about the level of profanity and violence in and around the Pro Wrestling X project and why I don’t “tone it down” and “be more professional”. I could write a pretty lengthy response to answer with a list of reasons why I DGAF about offending anyone but I think this following quote sums it up rather nicely…

“I can’t give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.”

? Herbert Bayard Swope

Question of the Week

Animating moves for PWX is one of the heaviest resource hogs of the entire project. To keep the quality bar as insanely high as it is means our lead artist needs to take his time to give each animation the love and attention it needs to keep you guys proud. So as you can imagine, we need to remain smart and choose moves that we can get as much mileage out of as possible. As cool as it would be to add The Worm or a five minute custom dance entrance it will have to wait until we’ve got a solid pool of the basics that the roster can can share to a reasonable extent.

So can you help us decide? Which aspect of the core game do you find the most shallow at the moment and in greatest need of content? Feel free to be as specific as possible. Do you feel we need more ground moves before more Standing grapple moves? More flying moves before more taunts? How about position specific reversals or even core movement like running on the apron or climbing options? Face up vs. Face Down submissions? Now is the time to speak your mind and have a very real effect on what gets added to our game next. THANK YOU!!!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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