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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #824

New Features

While we take a little chill from active development this week the crew continues to plot the course ahead for 2018. Of course, top priorities are polishing the core gameplay and adding content and depth to the existing features. When it comes time to experiment with new features we’d love to hear more from you guys. What do you feel would be the wisest new areas to explore? What new features would give you the most pleasure without feeling like we’re falling victim to feature creep or losing focus?

Now, full disclosure, local and online multiplayer is something we’ve been experimenting with already because we pretty much have to at this point. If we don’t take multiplayer and online support into account now it will be increasingly difficult to implement later.

Aside from that, the leading candidates for low risk development areas right now are relatively simple features like building out a story mode and integrating Steam Workshop, Achievements, Trading Cards, etc. How do you feel about that? Are you dying for something else entirely? New match types instead? Maybe CPU logic access for improved simming? Tell what you think because now is definitely the time to be talking to us about things like this 🙂

WWE Pinball

How did I not know this existed? Have you played it? GAH! WANT!! Although I do wonder if their marketing department are fans, per se, “With the added excitement of…Michael Cole.”

Quote of the Week

“Shipping beats perfection.” – Khan Academy’s Development Mantra

Question of the Week

I’ve been invited to give a presentation to a high school career planning class about the ups and downs of the Pro Wrestling X project and its long history of good news, bad news, and no news. I especially like discussing my most epic mistakes in the hopes that other people won’t repeat them and instead make their own glorious brand new mistakes.

When I attended a small town high school in the 80’s most of us creative types were told flat out no one from a small Canadian prairie town even made a living in music, film, or ESPECIALLY video games back in the day. A lot of dreams were crushed and I want to point out to these students that you can chase the craziest of dreams and if you have the tenacity to never give up it’s a very viable career option.

I want to point out examples of people who defied expectations and succeeded on their own terms in unconventional ways despite adversity. Mat Dickie is a perfect example that I want to present. Can you think of anyone else whose story might inspire my fellow freaks, geeks, nerds, and weirdos?

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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