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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #822


Happy New Year! The crew and I are getting our heads together and setting our goals for the year ahead. Learning from our mistakes, what went right, what went wrong, etc. Last year was easily the best one we’ve had yet especially in terms of improvements made to the game itself. I can’t thank those guys enough.

The plan for the first quarter of 2018 is to focus on core gameplay and more content the features we already have working. Will we resist the urge to experiment with new ideas completely? Hell no! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. We already have animations delivered over the holidays that will allow us to improve the core mechanics and grapple state possibilities. We just shipped an update to Steam last week and you likely won’t see one in January while we do our best to stop, think, and plan.

Besides, if we’re doing our next update in February it will give us time to think about how we’re going to pay tribute to Valentine’s Day. Gonna be hard to top the razor wire Xmas tree weapon in the last update…

World Tour AKI Love

In case you missed this post on Facebook you gotta check out this killer new article about WCW vs. NWO World Tour. Some new stuff I’ve never seen before:


We delivered on our Kickstarter campaign promises as far as the features of the playable game are concerned a long time ago. But I have absolutely sucked at delivering all of the rewards especially the physical ones. So this January is the month of getting those things done and keeping promises made to the insanely patient people who supported our campaign. Yup, I’m embarrassed that I’ve said this before and flaked out. So maybe I should get back to doing the work…

New Music

You have probably noticed the awesome new music in the recent update and I want to send out a huge thanks to the artist who graciously allowed us use of his hard work. I invite you all to check out his Brazilian metal instrumental awesomeness at his YouTube channel here:

New Japan Fire Pro!

And outta nowhere it was announced that we’re getting official New Japan Pro Wrestling content in Fire Pro Wrestling! Details are slim, but from what I’ve read we’ll be getting licensed wrestlers and “drama” when Fire Pro debuts on PS4 this summer. I hope this introduces a whole new generation of gamers to Japanese wrestling the same way the AKI games introduced me to the likes of Misawa and Jushin Liger back in the day!

Quote of the Week

“It doesn’t get better, doesn’t get worse, but it sure gets different!” – David Lee Roth

Question of the Week

I’m stumped for what to add to our February update in honor Valentines Day. Any ideas? Giant sex toy weapon? A “Fifty Shades of Grey” black and white rendering mode? I’ll stop now…

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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