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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #820


Eric the Web Nerd checking in real quick. I’m a moron. The holiday threw me for a bit of a time loop, and I realized all too late that never sent this newsletter last week. Some of the info might be a little outdated, I’ll add updates when necessary. For those of you collecting these things, here’s 820.

New Update Details

Our lead programmer delivered a fresh update to the crew just yesterday and he certainly earned himself Hustle Ninja award for pulling this one off. He’s visiting family for the holidays and the only computer he has access to at the moment doesn’t come anywhere near the minimum specs needed to run the game let alone the different development tools. And yet, somehow, he managed to deliver this new update flying virtually blind and without being able to really test it. It’s a Christmas miracle! We’re testing the build now. Here’s the scoop:

Eric the Web Nerd: This update is now LIVE on our bleeding-edge betas on Steam. Go to Properties > Betas > Bleeding Edge to start playing it!

Caption Contest

I had so much fun running the recent crowd sign contest that I just HAVE to run another one. Reading your funny ideas had me laughing legit out loud over and over. You better pursue a career in comedy and not let that talent go to waste!

This week I invite you to submit your caption idea(s) for the screenshot on our Facebook page. The pic of Grimhold about to take a beatdown from a barbed wire broken bulb Christmas tree! That’s an image you don’t see much in wrestling games…ever?!

So I’m really looking forward to the captions that you funny bastards come up with. The crew will pick our favorites out of the bunch and have you guys cast your vote for the overall winner which will then be used as a marketing image during the Steam Christmas sale. And you’ll get TWO free Steam Keys for Pro Wrestling X. Just leave your caption ideas in the comment section. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Eric the Web Nerd: Go do this.

Question of the Week

A friend of mine ran into Chris Jericho recently at a busy airport. Chris apparently looked like he was in an extreme hurry with zero trace of a smile on his face. But my friend couldn’t pass up the opportunity so, expecting to get brushed off, he got Jericho’s attention and sheepishly asked for an autograph.

He said Chris stopped dead in his tracks, gave him a big smile, and graciously spent a good five minutes chatting my friend up and making him feel like they were old friends. He said it was probably the single most positive celebrity experience, especially wrestling celebrity experience, that he ever had. On the flip side, I’ve known indie “stars” who acted like fans were the biggest waste of time pests and could barely be bothered to acknowledge them.

What about you? Who has been the friendliest wrestling celebrity you’ve ever met? Who was the biggest douche bag?

Eric the Web Nerd: I’ve never been “big-timed” by anyone I can think of. AJ Styles takes the prize for being the nicest guy. RVD and Mike Quackenbush were also really cool.

Quote of the Week

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” – Patton

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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