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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #814


Gotta give a big shoutout to the crew this week for a bunch of work you will never see. I’m on the funding trail and as a matter of due diligence I need to provide a detailed continuance plan for investors. Basically, how does the project proceed if one or all of the crew members mysteriously disappear. Not only do we need to document the physical and virtual locations of each and every game asset source file but also document the pipeline so that new crew members could jump in and continue working without a huge pause in development.

Kinda macabre, essentially a last will and testament for Pro Wrestling X. It needed to be done, but that didn’t stop it from feeling weird as I got together all of the PWX banking info, legal contacts, social media passwords, etc. But I have to say, odd as this sounds, it feels good to know that Pro Wrestling X will continue after I’m gone and keep growing. It’s almost like having a child. One made out of virtual spandex, canvas, and barbed wire! Again, super huge thank you to the crew for helping me pull of this boring but critical info together.

*IMPORTANT* Question of the Week

Mega important question this week! As part of due diligence for new investors I’m also updating our marketing plan. It will really help us to know a little more about you and your feelings about PWX. But I think I can learn a ton just by asking you a single short question:

If you could only play one more match on PWX what match type would you play, which characters would you use, and what would the match finish be?

I’m looking forward to your answers because you’ve always given such creative and fun responses. Thanks in advance!!

Roster Update

I’ve been informed by our lead artist that a new roster member (actually, another rebooted Uprising character!) is just “a few CAW parts away from completion.” I’m also told by our lead programmer that he is working on a surprise new feature for the next update. So keep your eyes peeled, everyone, because it sound like it’s going to be another epic update from our tiny but passionate crew 🙂

Heads Up

Just a little warning and potential request for help over the next week or so. As part of the due diligence I mentioned in part one of this week’s newsletter we may be mucking around organizing hosting, domains, email, social media accounts, etc. and we all know how smoothly things like that ALWAYS go for us, eh?

So if you happen to stumble across a broken link or have trouble logging in somewhere please free to shoot us a “You Fucked Up!” message and let us know what needs fixing. Thanks in advance!

Quote of the Week

“People aren’t buying 3/4-inch drill bits. They’re buying 3/4-inch holes.” -anonymous

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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