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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #810

Your Free Cam Awaits

The crew has been having so much fun with the new Free Cam mode that we can’t wait to share it with you. Even though it is in it’s absolute earliest stage, it is still too cool not to share. Yup, it needs more control options, frame rate optimization is a thing, some match modes get way better results than others, etc. but you gotta play with this thing!

Getting your feedback and advice on how to build out and improve on this surprising experimental feature is a top priority for us. So please keep an eye out on social media and Steam for news of when the Free Cam update goes live. (Eric: it will be up Monday afternoon.)

Release notes and a proper explanation of our intentions with Free Cam mode needs to be written up so we’re not just dumping a new feature on you guys with no guidance at all. We’ll keep you posted! Fun stuff!

Yo Ho Ho!

In general, the crew is currently in polish and “make it work well” mode. Robert, our lead programmer, up to his neck in optimization and upgrading the entire project to the latest version of Unity which we hope (knock on wood!) will help improve frame rate and animation blending among other things.

Our lead artist is nearing completion of another reboot of a classic PWX: Uprising character along with a fun little surprise for the holiday season if all goes well. I’m in the middle of the boring but necessary business shit (corporate governance anyone? Anyone?) that needs to get done before I can access any of those sweet sweet business loans again. Eric has his hands full with a long awaited facelift for the Pro Wrestling X website while he preps the recent Free Cam update for release on Steam.

Everyone has more than a few mission critical tasks on their plates and it feels great to be working with a defined vision between us. There is always room for more planning and more detailed goal setting but as a passion driven little pirate ship I’d say our sails are full and our axes are freshly sharpened. WOOOOOO!

Question of the Week

As we continue our upgrade to Unity 5 one of the biggest concerns for us is how to provide you guys with the absolute best way to easily upload/download and share your created wrestlers with each other. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Fire Pro community and even with the relatively simple way their data is organized players are still running into all sorts of bugs, glitches, and organizational issues that we absolutely want to avoid when we begin to integrate Steam Workshop and CAW sharing.

So please, if you have any advice about how you’d like to see PWX handle CAW sharing now is 100% the best time to have your voice heard and contribute a real difference. What do you love and hate about the Fire Pro wrestler sharing system? What would you like to add/remove/improve? Are there other games out there that you’d like to have us study for inspiration and motivation? And finally, THANK YOU for continuing to give a shit and help our little team out!

Quote of the Week

I man I truly admire said something to me that I still don’t quite know how to take even ten years later. He had lived what outsiders often describe as an excellent adventure full of hard work, sacrifice, success and heartache. How did he navigate the perilous minefield of his chosen profession? How did he determine who to let into his life and how did he find peace with those who betrayed and hurt him? He left me with just four words. Four powerful, if a little sad, short words:

“Trust no-one…forgive everyone.”

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you for your support,
Dave Wishnowski

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