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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #809

Free Cam Mode

Just a day after our most recent update went live on Steam I received yet another new update. This time, our awesome programmer gifted me with a crazy new feature that takes the popular Screenshot Mode to the next level. Free Cam Mode let’s you capture the in-game action from any camera angle you can possibly dream of without pausing the action!

You can literally set up whatever move or spot you like, get the camera exactly where you want it, and then use Fraps or whatever video capture app you desire to get the kind of video clips you could only dream of before. I’ve been playing with this feature for days now and even in its earliest bare bones stage it’s sooooo much fun to play with! Maybe I’ll get some video footage up for you guys in the next day or so. I can’t wait for you to see it in action!


Y’know, the crew was just talking a few weeks ago about how crazy it was to ever seriously think that we could intentionally trigger cease-and-desist letters to get free marketing and PR…

…and then THIS f’n happens!

…and THEN this!!

That’s it…no more censoring our great ideas just because they might be a little bit illegal 😉

Dann The Mann

I attended a local indie wrestling show with a visiting friend of mine, Dr. Stephen Dann from Australia, and I experienced what may have been the greatest impromptu crowd chant of my life. It was a family friendly show and the announcer kindly requested that we please check our language with all the young kids around.

So when a wrestler in blue tights, blue shirt, blue boots, and blue hair seriously botched a simple irish whip spot, Dr. Dann was left with choice but to start arguably the most perfectly timed and opportunistic chant that the universe has ever seen…

…you smurfed up! You Smurfed Up! YOU SMURFED UP!

Question of the Week

Seems to be a lot of indie game developers starting up these days. Exciting times! I get a fair share of people asking me for advice about the business side of game development. I guess I don’t really talk or brag about it much, but I really have gained a ton of experience when it comes to raising money and getting a project off the ground and games to market. Selling stock, Angel investors, crowd funding, loans, grants, etc., and if I can do it TRUST ME you can do it too!

I’ve raised a lot of money, spent a lot of money, made great decisions along with EPICALLY bad decisions. I’m happy to talk openly and honestly about everything I’ve ever done wrong, right, and half assed. So I was thinking as a Question of the Week, would you be interested in hearing a quick weekly Q&A podcast/vlog about all that scary but exciting money and business stuff you gotta learn when starting/running a video game company?

The format would certainly include taking your questions 100% UNCENSORED and anything goes. And even though my experience is with video games the advice would apply to nearly any creative endeavor like getting a comic book off the ground, raising cash to book your band’s coast to coast tour, getting and keeping customers happy after screwing up royally, etc. No topic off limits. I feel it’s time for me to start paying it forward.

Fun idea? Dumb idea?

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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