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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #808

Update is LIVE!

The new update is finally out of the beta stream and in main release. Just boot up Steam and it will start downloading the new update automatically assuming you have your settings on auto update. So much has been added! Scaffold Match being the big one. Too much to list here so please read the new update release notes on our Steam page.


Coming in the next update we’ll also be introducing long awaited grapple reversals. Again, we give a wink and a nod to our friends at AKI with a classic Back Drop Reversal. A clip of the animation was posted to our Facebook page a few days ago if you’d like to take a peek at it.

The Other 99%

We’ve done a pretty good job of reaching wrestling gamers and telling them about Pro Wrestling X. But the challenge remains in trying to reach the 99% of our potential customer base that hasn’t heard of PWX yet. Any marketing gurus out there want to tell us how in the hell we could reach those people who used to love wrestling and used to love playing wrestling games back in the day but are no longer actively looking for such things any more? How in the hell do we get PWX in front of those people?

We’ve got some ideas and we’ll be taking some pretty crazy PR and marketing risks in the near future but I’d sure love to hear any input you guys might have. Any suggestions?

Question of the Week

Question of the week is back again! Seems to pop up every six months or so heh. This question is just for fun and a way to get to know you a little bit: What three wrestling games do you think a non wrestling fan should play before they die?

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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