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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #806

Checking In

With half of the world burning while the other half floods we’re getting understandably concerned about the health and well being of our extended PWX family members. Please, if you live in any of the affected areas can you do the crew and I a quick favor and just leave a comment letting us know you’re OK? And especially if you’re not OK we want to hear from you so we can rally the troops and help out if at all possible. So? Are we all safe and accounted for?

Crew Meeting

Wicked three hour crew meeting this week! After a pretty craptacular summer for pretty much everyone involved we were all excited to get together again and talk about nothing but the future of Pro Wrestling X…and boner pills but that’s another story. We made some important decisions (Unity 5 upgrade already in progress) and definitely felt recharged to get organized and move forward all on the same page again.

We know that we have a LOT of fine tuning and polishing to do to the core gameplay and there are so many areas that need more animation to properly flesh out (apron interaction for example). But we want you to know that we are paying attention and listening to what YOU love, like, and don’t like about PWX and that’s what we are using as a compass going forward.

We also promise keep on taking big stupid chances on new features, match types, and everything else from marketing ideas to who we cross promote with. We are continuing to set the bar ridiculously high regardless of our small team size and resources. No excuses, we are always aiming to make you go HOLY SHIT and never settling for, “Hey that’s ok I guess for an indie game.”

We’ll make an effort to avoid getting sued by anyone but other than that? Playing it safe is for bureaucrats and babysitters 😉

New Legacy

We really want to thank the guys at New Legacy for giving a recent build of PWX a spin on Twitch and giving us a ton of really honest and helpful feedback. We get some deserved “in progress” lumps early on but there are MAJOR pops later. We’re definitely learning what people dig about our development decisions and where we need to get our shit together. THANK YOU!!

What If?

What if Marty Jannetty had superkicked Shawn Michaels instead of the other way around? Would Bret really have ended up like the makers of this cool video suggest?

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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