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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #801

Fire Pro Sucks!

Ok, total clickbait title…kinda! I am LOVING playing around with Fire Pro World since it was released and wish I could find more time to experiment with it. But it actually does suck for one very legit reason…it has made me feel like an out-of-touch stupid jackass.

Let me please ask you a question that I’d LOVE to hear you respond to: Are you bothered at all by the fact that some of the content (like new moves) in Fire Pro World is locked and not available unless you complete the various missions in the new Mission mode?

Why do I ask? Because, for well over a year now the PWX crew have all proposed that we do the exact same thing. They argued that unlocking various things would be a cool way of giving you something to do and accomplish while dishing out fun new content.

I was adamantly opposed to this. From day one I took the position that ALL content should be available from day one if we were going to give players as much power and freedom to create new characters as possible. Especially with a game like Fire Pro where creating wrestlers was one of the main selling points of the game, I thought fans would be RAGING at Fire Pro for locking content like this but…everyone is cool with it? In fact, people are actually digging this Mission Mode and unlocking content! Great!

So, the big question is, then, would be ok with a similar mode in Pro Wrestling X? A mode that rewards you for doing cool things by giving you cool things in return? Pretty pretty PLEASE let me know if you would like this because the rest of the PWX crew has been dying to do something like this. THANK YOU for your input and support!

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As if getting the game itself wasn’t good enough, shoppers in Japan were treated to an actual Fire Pro Wrestling pop-up shop. Check out all of this cooler-than-cool Fire Pro merchandise that you could have tripped over if you were walking down a sidewalk in Japan recently. Thank you to Herb Jacobs for posting this on the Fire Pro Club Facebook page!

Twitchy Twitchy

Last night’s Twitch Gong Show was pretty fun, ended up going longer than normal. Thanks for all the great questions/comments!

Featured this week: teleporting through the cage (really!), Fire Pro, Cornette vs Omega, Player 4 bias and much more.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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Article Comments

WrestlingFan says:

NO!!! I absolutely hate having to unlock stuff for the CAW. Just let me create my damn creations without having to jump through hoops damn it.

Calvin Russell says:

I think if anything, have unlockable variants of moves. Like, have it so you can make your character’s finisher a powerbomb or a cutter from the get go, but you’d have to unlock the elevated powerbomb or jumping cutter or whatever. I think that’d probably be the best way to do it. You can still make your guys but you gotta work for the style points.