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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #800


800 newsletters! It’s a weird kind of milestone. If you would have told me it would take 800 newsletters to get Pro Wrestling X to where it is today I’m sure I would have said a big NOPE and backed down from the challenge back in the day. But I can’t overstate just how happy I am still be plugging away with the insane team we have now and with the game constantly growing on Steam.

To say a lot of challenges were overcome to get this far would be hilariously understating the point. And I’m sure we have plenty of bigger nastier challenges ahead. I welcome them. This team welcomes them. And we thank you from the bottom of our it’s-still-real-to-us hearts for supporting us on this adventure.

One thing is for sure, 800 newsletters proves that at least no other developer talks about making a game more than we do 😉

Fire Pro Love

It’s here! Fire Pro World is live on Steam and the Edits are already flying in the Workshop! As always, I believe that the most helpful community for Fire Pro newcomers is the Fire Pro Club right here on Facebook:


Whoopsie! Forgot to post this awesome new PWX animation from our lead animator. (Eric the Web Nerd: no he didn’t. But here it is again.) Check out the Spear!

Great Balls of Gong Show

In case you missed our latest Twitch broadcast before the PPV, here’s the replay:

What’s Next?

Fun things are afoot in PWX-land. We may have some resources to add some development experimentation in the near future. Meaning, along with regular updates to expected core features we may be getting some help to experiment with new features never before seen in a wrestling game.

So if you have any ideas (and we know that you do!) about groundbreaking new features you wish a wrestling game developer would try, please let us know!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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